Harvard Autworks Video Project strives to make autism diagnosis faster.

But Harvard Autworks needs your videos to help create the first ever autism video diagnostic tool. When you send your short video clip into Autworks you are helping to create the first ever video diagnostic tool.

If you have a child with or without autism, you can help change the way autism is diagnosed by just sending in a brief video clip to the Harvard Autworks Video project headed by Dr. Dennis Wall, the lead investigator on the project.

“The Harvard Autworks Video Project needs over a thousand video clips of children with and without autism,” says Dr. Dennis Wall, lead investigator on the project.



harvard autworks

Courtesy of Harvard University Autworks Video Project


His team is trained in autism diagnosis and has made their scoring rubric as accurate as the traditional scoring instruments for autism such as the ADI-R (Autism Diagnostic Interview-Revised).

Dr. Wall and his Harvard Autworks team believes that autism can be diagnosed via video clips where the child is in their own environment, and with your help, will create a new Autism video diagnostic tool.

Please upload your video clips here.

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