The award winning Boom Boom! Teen Deck offers many act of kindness ideas that can help school communities become bully free.   

SANTA CRUZ, CA – September 28, 2011 – Over the years, school districts have made attempts to implement acts of kindness programs and teach kindness lessons in an effort to alleviate the problem of bullying in schools. Bullying is a long-standing, all too common form of intimidation and stress for children. The constant alarm and anxiety felt can make it difficult for targeted children to focus or engage in a classroom, which can cause learning to become arduous and frustrating.

Boom Boom! Revolution is optimistic that with teamwork and dedication an end can be brought to this unfortunate occurrence. As part of Boom Boom! Revolution’s continuing desire to bring forth an uprising of guerilla goodness, Boom Boom! developed acts of kindness cards that not only offer educators an exciting method for teaching kindness, but also encourage kids to perform kind acts intentionally, and regularly!

Most people are aware of the typical forms of bullying – after school playground conflicts and lunch money theft – often made light of in films or on TV. Yet, bullying comes in many forms of physical maltreatment, and more often as psychological abuse. Having an entire school community stand united against bullying is likely to be the best deterrent, but with the right tools, one brave individual can also make a lasting difference.

Boom Boom! Cards’ Teen Deck is one such tool. For those ready to take a stand against bullying, Card #26 provides a great start, “The next time it’s necessary, stand up for someone who is being made fun of.” Yet, cracking jokes at someone else’s expense isn’t the only type of bullying found in schools. Social isolation and peer pressure are also prevalent. These types of group bullying can be confronted by a simple act of kindness like the one on Teen Deck Card #18, “Ask someone who is alone at lunch or break to join you.”

To extend the efforts against bullying, professional staff in the school community can take a vested interest in making a positive impact on students’ behavior by teaching kindness lessons via acts of kindness performed on a regular basis. These acts should showcase peer consideration and emphasize teamwork among one another. In addition, trained staff should be accessible to students in need of assistance, to include bullies, as they often struggle with confidence issues or challenges in their personal lives.

The Teen Edition of Boom Boom! Cards can also help to reinforce a school’s effort at home. For example, Teen Deck Card #6 aids in communication, “When your parents or guardians ask, ‘How was your day?’ actually tell them,” however, parents need to make time to ask the question and to listen very closely, as a child may try to express trouble in school in an indirect, discreet manner.  

Boom Boom! Revolution is proud to work with educators and parents to give kids the knowledge and courage they need to not only stop bullying, but to prevent them from becoming a bully themselves. With proper guidance and support, students of all ages can become Boom Boom! Revolution Agents of Altruism, intentionally performing acts of kindness wherever they go!

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