4. Best Money Saving Tips For College Students

  • One of the best money savings tips for college students and a little-known secret is the importance of your grade point average. Many students do not realize that their scholarships depend on maintaining grade point averages usually above 3.0 or above. Just a drop to 2.9 can jeopardize that money. Even your Pell grants will depend on your being above probation levels.

On the other hand if you do really well you may get offered more money. Top scholars are considered valuable and that is where scholarship money based on merit goes. So keep on top of your GPA, seek support and help when needed to keep it high and send it higher. Ask your financial aid office if there are scholarships for high achievement. Sometimes it is in particular departments also, but the financial aid office will know.  It could make the difference between a little and a  lot of money in your pocket.

5. Best Money Saving Tips For College Students

  • Getting your books in new ways can one of the best money savings tips for college students. Books can cost hundreds of dollars! The course syllabus will tell you what to expect in terms of materials you will need. 

Some readings may be books you will have to buy, or they may be on reserve in the library.  Some will be articles you can find on the web, on reserve, or in a course pack prepared by the instructor specifically for the course—these can usually be bought at the campus or local bookstore or at the local copy center near or affiliated with your campus.

The instructor will specify the edition of a particular book—you need to pay attention to this, as pages assigned will align with that edition and probably not with earlier, outdated ones. If the same edition is used every year for your course, however, you can save money buying the paperback instead of the hardcover. Compare prices between your campus bookstore and online book sites.  The campus bookstore is your most expensive option.

If you can get a used copy of the edition you need from Amazon or Barnes & Noble online, you can get discounts, sometimes as high as 90 percent, off the full price.

best money savings tips for college studentsSome web sites even customize texts according to faculty needs, such as those offered on www.flatworldknowledge.com, where you can download some texts for free.  www.chegg.com, lets you rent your textbooks.  The Kindle® (from Amazon), an e-book reader, simulates a book-type format and can hold thousands of volumes.

You can buy used books from the campus store or books being sold by other students, You can also sell many of your course books. There are several reasons to own books or materials, rather than counting on reserve copies, rentals, or Kindle®. This is one of the best money savings tips for college students.

When you own a book, you have the flexibility of studying when and where you want to—you can read on the subway or bus or in your jammies at 3 a.m.  And perhaps you will fall in love with a book and want to keep it forever.  Or you may need to refer back to a volume for future courses or even find it relevant to your life experiences.  

The bottom line is that you can’t not read what is assigned.  That leads only to failure! But saving on books counts among the best money saving tips for college students.

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