Stress affects the nervous-system and switches on the ‘fight or flight’ response. The more stressed you are, the more the blood leaves your fore-brain and into your muscles instead.

That’s why you can’t think clearly. And the fact is there are many things that can cause stress. So would you like to discover simple ways to reduce stress, balance your brain and think better?

When you’re stressed out the mind’s neural circuits are limited to the left hemisphere. As soon as you begin to access the right hemisphere you balance the brain, become more relaxed giving better access to creativity and critical thinking skill.

Because the mind goes in directions it is up to us to control that direction. One of the ways we do this is by asking ourselves questions. Have you ever heard yourself saying things like, “Why can’t I learn this? Why am I so stupid?!”

Ooops! Obviously using this kind of questioning using ‘why?’ will direct the mind into giving us answers which will actually re-enforce the problem state!

Now let me give you one of the most powerful questions for directing your mind in a way that will enable you to access your ‘inner-wisdom.’

“If I did know how to learn this easily, how would I?”  This will really improve your thinking power.

Do you have any role models? Who do you admire for their ingenuity or creativity? Do you consider anyone a genius, either dead or alive? Now ask yourself how would they solve your problem? Or how would they learn new things? 

Imagine what would happen if you could get to sit down and chat with one of these geniuses, asking them questions about anything you wanted? Well you can using the power of visualisation.

It’s been discovered that looking up at a 20 degree (or more) angle lowers your brain wave cycles down into the Alpha level. This is where your brain hemispheres synchronise giving you access to the whole brain. And the other good news is that it only takes a few seconds!

So what you can do is look up 20 degrees and picture your favourite genius in front of you. Close your eyes if you wish. Now say hello and begin to ask them questions such as, “HOW can I understand this better?”, and listen to their answers.

Be sure to thank them for their help because that feeling of gratitude is also a good ‘brain tonic’ and will help you gain more rapport with this inner genius.

You can take this imagination experiment one stage further for even greater insights. As you imagine the genius in front of you, you can grab his/her head and place it onto your head, rather like wearing a mask. You can then see through there eyes, hear their thoughts and feel their feelings.

This process is similar to Deep Trance Identification in NLP / Hypnosis and often leads to profound insight and realisations. So, when you put the role models head on, it can be a good exercise to ask useful questions while seeing and hearing from this new perspective:

“What new insight can I make about this?  “How can I solve this problem?”

“What else can I learn about this?”

So why not give these proven methods a go and discover just how quickly you can reduce stress, balance your brain and think better right now!

colin g smith Colin G Smith is the Author of ‘The NLP ToolBox,’ ‘The Half Second Rule,’ and ‘The Backward Planning System.’

To discover more tips, tricks and techniques for using your mind please visit his website

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