eBay is an amazing website offering a pleasurable buying experience for those looking to purchase hard-to-find products or items at a discount, as well as offering a myriad of income possibilities for those wanting to earn extra money. eBay has made many changes lately to further improve the selling process for sellers, including eliminating the listing fees and streamlining many of the procedures. With a computer and internet access, just about everyone can use EBay to generate an additional amount of money. This can be as a one-time event to raise quick cash for an emergency, or as an on-going monthly income stream.

What Are The Requirements For Selling On eBay?selling on ebay

Besides having a computer and the ability to access the internet, there are a few other items that would help you earn extra cash selling on eBay. These include:

  • a digital camera of 6.0 megapixels or better
  • a scale to weigh packages to be shipped/help determine shipping costs
  • a printer to print shipping labels
  • a PayPal account to conveniently accept payments for orders

Where Can You Find Items For Selling On ebay?

  1. Around your home. The very first place you’ll want to look to find potential items to sell is around your house. With a little searching, you’re bound to find things that you may not need or use anymore, but would still have value to others. Check your attic, basement, garage, and other places that you store items. Selling these items will also give you good practice and familiarize yourself with the entire eBay selling process.
  2. Ask your friends and family. After you have exhausted all of your unwanted personal items, you can then ask friends and family if there are any items that they were considering getting rid of. If that doesn’t motivate them, you may want to offer to split a percentage of the net profits with them. Older family members or those not confident with computers and the internet would be ideal candidates to work with.
  3. Yard and Garage Sales. It’s amazing the prices that people will sell items that they consider “junk” in order to just get them out of the house. Many times people even give away items for free because they are simply tired of having to keep them any longer. One piece of advice: try and go to yard and garage sales on the first day of the sale, and as early as possible. This will ensure that you find the best-valued items. The second best time is later on in the afternoon, on the last day of the sale. By this point, the people running the sales just want to get rid of everything and will either drastically slash asking prices, or will much more open to negotiating.

Some Real World Examples Of ebay Sales:

  • Muppets lunchbox bought for $0.25 at church sale and later sold for $20
  • Printer found beside a business dumpster for free and later sold for $125
  • Texas Instruments Speak & Spell bought for $0.50 and later sold for $28
  • Abercrombie & Fitch sweater bought at yard sale for $1.00 and later sold for $16

eBay is extraordinary because it allows everyone, from college students to retirees to stay-at-home Moms and everyone in between, to earn extra cash. People have the option of selling on eBay every once in a while when they happen to need some additional funds, or they can run it as a business and make income long-term.

selling On eBayTony Gomez is a career consultant and loves giving stay-at-home moms new ideas for ways to make money.  There are many opportunities to bring needed funds into the home — from writing articles or content for websites to usability testing for new companies.