The following tips will help you learn how to recognize and avoid bedbugs and keep your apartment or dorm room bedbug-free.

College is a time for signing up for classes, buying books and school supplies, saying goodbye to families, and moving into an apartment or dormitory. Along with getting an apartment or dorm assignment comes meeting the new roommate. However, the last roommates you would ever want to meet at college are bedbugs. 

How to Recognize Bedbugshow to recognize and avoid bedbugs

If you want to know how to recognize and avoid bedbugs you must first have some idea as to their appearance. Both bedbug adults and bedbug babies (called nymphs) are often found in infested apartments and dorm rooms: while adult bedbugs are often reddish-brown in color, baby bedbugs are often yellow, orange, or clear in their color.

As they mature, however, baby bedbugs turn reddish-brown. Some nymphs turn completely red when they mature. Adult bedbugs are near one-quarter of an inch long and have oval-shaped bodies.

They are so small that you practically cannot see them unless they crawl on your pant leg or make their way to your shoulder (within eye view).

If adult bedbugs are small, baby bedbugs are even smaller: often, they are only about 1 millimeter long, the size of a penny letter (the smallest coin). Bedbug eggs are only about 1 millimeter long (the size of a dust speck), often white-colored, and hard to see without being up-close.

Bedbugs are often confused with small cockroaches, ticks, or even carpet beetles.

It is vital to know how to recognize and avoid bedbugs so you can prevent being bitten by them or finding yourself in an infestation.

How to Avoid Bedbugs

Prevention is always the best solution to the bedbug problem. One of the ways you can avoid bedbugs at college is to not bring trashed items into your room. Items such as old mattresses, mattress covers, pillowcases, and even old pillows that have been thrown away should not be brought into your dorm room.

Bed linens and materials are one of the prime places bedbugs hide. Bedbugs use these places as the springboard by which they roam about at night and often bite college students in their sleep.

One of the best tips in learning how to recognize and avoid bedbugs is to make sure your bed linens are always new, fresh, and washed as often as possible.

You can also get bedbugs on your things by going to places that commonly have bedbugs (such as a camping site, hiking trail, or even a wooded area). If you come to your dorm room from a place where bedbugs are common, check your things (luggage, bags, and other possessions) to look for bedbugs.

Also check seams and zippers, since these are other small places where bedbugs can hide. If you have pillows, see to it that your pillows have pillowcases to cover them. Pillowcases can often protect pillows against the presence of bedbugs.

College freshmen need to learn how to recognize and avoid bedbugs before an infestation occurs.

Good advice is to pack a bedbug inspection kit before moving to the college or university dorm. The inspection kit should include a small flashlight, whereby you can see small insects like bedbugs, as well as a small vacuum that you can use to check your clothing for the presence of bedbugs.

Double-check the vacuum to see if it has a bag in it before placing the vacuum in the box. A vacuum with no vacuum bag will be of no use to you when inspecting for bedbugs. In addition to using a small vacuum for your clothes, have a large vacuum available for your apartment or dorm room floor (if carpet is laid).

Be sure to vacuum rather frequently to prevent bedbugs from constant roaming around the room or apartment.

To prevent bedbugs from living in your laundry, buy two new bedbug-proof laundry bags for both dirty and clean clothes. This will help you to learn how to recognize and avoid bedbugs while preventing them from entering your clothing. If bedbugs can enter your laundry bags, they will travel with your clothes and move out into other rooms and other students’ clothes when given the chance, thus spreading the infestation to others.

Another thing you can do to prevent bedbugs is to keep your apartment or dorm room clean. By removing garbage, food wrappers, and other trash from your room, you can prevent bedbugs from hiding away in your room in dark places that you may not even think to look for them. Bedbugs, like the tongue, are small things that, if left unchecked, can cause a lot of harm. 

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