has researched the best educational toys and those ‘must see’ toys for 2011 and published the Best Educational Toys 2011 Guide.

Today’s best educational toys are engaging and truly fun for child.

They spark creativity, imagination and authentic learning, allowing your child to integrate with he or she has learned and act on their new knowledge.

One terrific toy is the Mrs. Pinkelmeyer doll, designed to raise self-esteem in your child and bring smiles all around.  She plays “Mrs. Pinkelmeyer Makes Me Happy” song.Check out the Pinkelmeyer dance video on the site and get your Mrs. Pinkelmeyer doll and books on their site.

best educational toysCategories included in the the Best Educational Toys 2011 Guide include play, babies (be sure and see the Baby Sleep System and Music Math System where you can push a button to help your child learn math and physics concepts during childhood, with tonal technology, science, autism apps, alphabet, animals, dexterity, classic toys, electronics, computer grames, Ernie Els golf games and much more.

When you are looking for the best educational toys this 2011 season, and all year long, here is one of the most unique compilations available.

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