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Bonnie Terry, internationally known as America’s Leading Learning Specialist is now hosting Learning Made Easy Talk Radio.

The program Learning Made Easy Talk Radio airs every Sunday 10 am CST and 3 pm CST. 

This week Bonnie is interviewing Claudia Lowe, a parent advocate and specialist in special education law. 

Claudia Lowe’s area of expertise and experience lies in her knowledge and ability to understand and teach parents about IDEA, IEPs, Section 504, 504 plans, assessments, transition planning, and behavior plans. 

As a parent and consultant, Claudia is personally familiar with educational options and choices that parents/guardians may be faced with; home school, public and private school, vocational and charter school, college, as well as GATE and special needs programs. 

Claudia previously toured the US speaking on key issues related to IDEA and Section 504 and developed workshops and programs for students and parents.  

Claudia currently has a private practice as a Special Educational Needs Consultant (SENC) serving parents throughout California and other states.                  

Among the topics Claudia will address are: 

  1. Should my child come to an IEP or 504 meeting?
  2. What is an independent record review and analysis?
  3. Do I need to hire an advocate or consultant?
  4. How can I get the best services for my child?

Don’t forget to tune in to Learning Made Easy Talk Radio and hear Claudia as well as parent questions. 


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