EASe Listening Therapy appNew EASe Listening Therapy app helps children with autism cope with sensory issues.

JOPPA, MARYLAND – Children with autism and others with sensory processing disorder (SPD) now have an app specifically designed to help them cope with noise and the sensory world.

The EASe Listening Therapy app is available in three versions – EASe Lite, EASe Personal and EASe Pro — at the iTunes store (see links below).

The EASe Listening Therapy app for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch was developed by Audioforge Labs and Vision Play, LLC, for children with autism and others with SPD, who often respond to noise with exaggerated reactions, distraction, and behavioral or learning issues. 

EASe Listening Therapy app uses music to deliver short, intense bursts of sound, creating a sensory palette of sonic experiences that can help a child learn to cope with typical environmental conditions.

After using the program, therapists report that children are better able to tolerate noisy and busy environments, react less to new stimuli, improve eye contact and connection with others, are more receptive to language, improve vestibular movement and tolerance to movement, and have better task organization and play skills.

The EASe Listening Therapy app exceeds the functionality and performance of hardware devices costing many thousands of dollars and is available in three versions:

EASe Lite ($.99) is a demo with one song and full functionality except for audio import. Sound settings can be customized and the app comes with four pre-set programs to help a parent or therapist get up and running with the program very quickly. 

EASe Personal ($39.99) includes the full EASe app and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, enough to complete a ten-hour EASe program, with two half-hour sessions a day over a ten-day period. 

EASe Pro ($99.00) includes the full EASe app and a 60-minute module of instrumental music, and also is capable of importing a wide range of specially prepared albums available at www.easecd.com

Typically, 40% to 80% of children on the autism spectrum and as many as 20% of the well population exhibit an auditory processing disorder (APD). Marie Gomot, Ph.D., and other researchers have concluded that APD is a disorder of the brain, not the ear, making its correction a potentially teachable skill. The new EASe app and Vision Audio’s other EASe products – therapeutic music CDs and video games – are based on the principles of sensory integration and neurological organization taught by Jean Ayres Ph.D. 

EASe Listening Therapy appAudioforge Labs and Vision Play, LLC, developed the EASe Listening Therapy app in cooperation with Vision Audio Inc., creators of the popular EASe therapeutic CDs and video games for children on the autism spectrum. 

EASe audio and video game listening therapy programs can be carried out at home, at school or in a therapist’s office with inexpensive electronic equipment and high-quality headphones. EASe audio CDs, developed in 1995, are the original disc-based listening therapy program. EASe video games use the same sound technology in a fun, video game environment that stimulates and challenges sensory pathways to promote appropriate sound response, balance, organization and attention.  

EASe products are easy-to-use, simple and safe tools to help parents, occupational, physical, speech and listening therapists better manage noise, improve organization, sensory modulation and proprioception in children challenged with sensory processing issues, central auditory processing disorder (CAPD), and developmental issues.

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EASe Listening Therapy appVision Audio is the creator of EASe audio CDs and video games to help children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, ADD, ADHD, Down Syndrome and other neurological conditions learn to cope with noise and sensory hypersensitivity. The EASe CD series, the original disc-based auditory intervention program, has been used by thousands of parents, therapists and organizations worldwide since 1996 to improve children’s sensory coping skills. EASe Video Games stimulate and challenge vestibular, visual, and auditory sensory pathways to reinforce and promote appropriate sound response, balance, organization and attention. For more information, visit EASecd. For therapist training, visit VitalLinks.

Audioforge Labs based in Vancouver, Canada. Formed builds apps for the mobile music community, with focus on designing audio tools for iPhone/iPad/iPod. Enthusiasts and professionals alike have praised the products Equalizer, Reforge and AudioView for being inspiring, great sounding, easy to use and superior quality. For more information, visit AudioForge.

Posted by +Pat Wyman, CEO and Founder of HowToLearn.com  She is a best selling author of a number of books including  Instant Learning for Amazing GradesLearning vs. Testing, and co-author on two books about autism.  Pat is always looking for new developments in the Autism field and is excited to see the new EASe Listening Therapy app.