When you are preparing dinner for your family do you ever think of pizza as a serving of vegetables?

Could pizza as a serving of vegetables possibly fill the school lunch program’s daily nutritional requirements?

Pizza As A Serving Of VegetablesIn January the Agriculture department had the idea to improve nutritional standards for federally-subsidized school lunches.

It proposed limiting “starchy vegetables” to one cup per week “to encourage students to try new vegetables.”

It also proposed changing the way schools met daily requirements for fruits and vegetables by limiting–not eliminating, the use of tomato paste to meet that requirement.

Now a House-Senate conference committee has nixed both changes, ignoring, among others, 100 retired generals and admirals who said that disallowing the rule would undermine military readiness because the leading medical disqualifier for recruitment is obesity.

The American Frozen Food Institute applauds Congress for “providing school nutritionists with the ability to serve healthy foods kids enjoy while avoiding burdening schools with massive new costs.”

According to the following article, school lunches will now include pizza as a serving of vegetables depending on the type of sauce.

What are your thoughts – any nutritionists out there?


pat wymanPat Wyman is America’s Most Trusted Learning Expert and founder of HowToLearn.com. She is the author of Instant Learning for Amazing GradesLearning vs. Testing, and co-author on two books about autism.  She is a university instructor of continuing education and frequent media guest.