Guy Hatcher has a new approach to financial planning. Imagine having an experienced, successful financial planner tell you that money isn’t everything.

This is the startling message of Guy Hatcher, CFP®: he wants us to leave our kids a legacy that really matters, and he’s got a new approach to financial planning you can relate to.

new approach to financial planningWise, compassionate and dynamic, Guy’s new approach to financial planning will capture your heart. 

Hard times aren’t just a figure of speech. Guy Hatcher knows even middle-class American families have to really stretch just to make ends meet.

In spite of that, his new approach to financial planning passionately believes making a little extra to leave behind for our kids is not the most important part of our financial planning.

That is the central premise of his new approach to financial planning message: the new economic world we live in may be the best thing that’s ever happened to our country.

“America became so wrapped up in having things,” Hatcher says, “we forgot about spending time with the ones we love. The recession forced us to rethink our priorities and helped me realize the need for a new approach to financial planning.  Of course we need money to live but it’s too easy to forget what it means to have quality of life.”

Hatcher himself is no stranger to success. A sought-after Certified Financial Planner®, he is the founder and president of Advanced Planning, Inc.  His areas of expertise include wealth management, estate planning and business coaching.

Since 1987, Hatcher has focused on helping his clients enjoy financial freedom, creating and achieving their own personal definition of a “great life.”

For Hatcher, the center of his foundation begins with the relationship he enjoys with his young daughters. “I was telling them a story on the way to school one morning when I realized that I used to listen to the stock report and financial news while they sat quietly in the back seat,” he explains.

“That’s the gift I’ve been given by the economic downturn and this new world we live in – an authentic, meaningful connection with my children. It was just a simple story, but it meant the world to them.” This eyeopener sparked Guy’s new approach to financial planning.

The main thrust of this new approach to financial planning or “quality of life” approach has its beginnings in the fact that the past recession has forced us to go back to the basics: faith, family and friends.

“Millions have realized they were making great money but sacrificing being around the ones they love.” That simple observation led Hatcher to a series of questions:

  • When we achieve what we’re chasing, are we happy?
  • Why do we need a bigger house, more stuff?
  • Could you be less stressed in a smaller home with fewer things and be able to see your kids grow up?
  • What impact would you like to have on the next generation?

“Making great money is awesome! But what are you sacrificing to get it? After all, you’re probably not going to leave your legacy to your virtual assistant.”

Dynamic, compassionate, and intuitive, Hatcher has a unique gift for understanding people and their needs, as well as a rare ability to render complex financial issues into straightforward terms.

He is a nationally recognized speaker at industry conferences and has trained successful individuals and business owners in hundreds of educational workshops and seminars.

new approach to financial planning

Guy Hatcher, a Certified Financial Planner®, is the founder and president of Advanced Planning, Inc. Guy established the firm in 1993 to fulfill his desire to offer clients a unique life and financial planning experience. His areas of expertise include wealth management, estate planning, and business coaching.

With help from the team at API, Guy is able to focus his unique talents on what’s important; helping his clients enjoy success on their terms,  with his new approach to financial planning.

Guy has been in the financial planning business since 1987. He received his certification from the respected College of Financial Planning in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

The Company Coach®, Solutions 4 Wealth®, and the team concept are several of the creative methods Guy has developed to ensure that the highest level of service and value is provided to his clients.

Please visit Guy Hatcher’s website at for more information on a new approach to financial planning