Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert Warning issued by Linda Webb, a.k.a. the Fraud Dog!

Linda has dedicated over 30 years to fighting fraud globally, investigating thousands of cases involving organized crime rings, insurance fraud, and even some with potential terrorist, which have been highlighted by several national investigative news media.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam AlertIn addition to being a highly sought after fraud expert and global speaker, Linda stars in the upcoming TV Show “The Fraud Dog”.  

She has issued a Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert for 12 popular holiday scams:

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 1

  • Are you asked to be one of Santa’s helpers?  Work-from-home scam callers offering that holiday glee just might turn into a fraudulent employment check.   

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 2

  • Rolling back the time for the New Year with amazing never-seen-before “anti-aging products” promising those secret breakthrough formulas, to rid yourself of last year’s stress.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 3

  • Who doesn’t enjoy holiday eggnog listening yuletide music in front of a soothing fire?  Beware of “Free Wi-Fi” areas, because the fraudsters might be hacking into your laptop.  Never connect to a “computer-to-computer” network.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 4

  • Traveling abroad for the holidays looking for those changing seasons?  The fraudster loves to steal traveler’s information and reach out to the traveler’s loved ones with a story like, “I lost all my money and credit cards” and “send you money immediately!”

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 5

  • No cramming cranberries for your holiday feast when a salesman calls trying to sell you additional services you don’t want. Remember if you order the basic service and you are satisfied with that service, (i.e. telephone, cable, etc.), don’t let the holiday caller “cram” additional services that you don’t need.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 6

  • Smishing texting scams targeted our youth offering free I-pads if you’re the first 500 responders. Who said being a fast texter would get you a free holiday gift?

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 7

  • Credit card callers are not holiday bell ringers notifying you, “your credit card has been stolen and you need to verify your number”. Watch out for these unscrupulous scrooges that are just trying to get your identity and steal your holiday cheer.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 8

  • This holiday season don’t let those fraudulent free coupons on the internet pull you into buying something that looks too good to be true, and probably at a higher price.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 9

  • Quick qualifying free 0% credit card offers on the internet sounds great when it’s guaranteed, but oops you don’t qualify and the fraudster sends you additional fees to load down your holiday stocking. 

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 10

  • Free shipping on Black Friday when you shop at home. Read the fine print so the Grinch doesn’t spoil your internet shopping fun. Check your credit card for those additional fees.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 11

  • End of the year pump and dump get you to reinvest your holiday dollars by manipulating you out of fear that the market will suddenly change, “like the end is near”. Don’t let these unscrupulous market manipulators steal your hard earned milk and cookies.

Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert 12

  • Don’t get slammed by long distance providers promising long distance holiday cheer worldwide, only to get sticker shock when you get your next bill after the New Year. It’s called slamming and you don’t want to start this New Year with another fraudster’s debt.

Linda and BusterOne of Linda’s passions is educating youth about the dangers of fraud.  By speaking with them directly, often at schools and institutions, Linda is giving future generations a lifetime of fraud awareness and prevention. A pioneer of justice, the Fraud Dog is a diverse defender of the public and a leader of the people.

Visit for more information and be on the look out for the next Fraud Dog Holiday Scam Alert!