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Bonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is on FOX Morning News Again – this time with family activities to do over the holidays!    

Holiday Family Activities

Bonnie Terry, America’s Leading Learning Specialist is interviewed on FOX Morning News about holiday activities for your children. You know as well as I do that the holidays are the perfect time to have a break from school. did you know the longer you let your children take a break, the longer it will take them to get back into gear when they go back to school. You’ve been there before; you know how hard it is to get your children back in the routine. What if it could be easier? Is there something you can do to make the holidays more fun and give your children have a break without giving them a total break from learning? Can you turn the activities you are already doing into great learning opportunities? America’s Leading Learning Specialist, Bonnie Terry is interviewed on the FOX Morning News and shares her insights as well as specific activities you can do over the holidays, have fun, and promote learning too. Learning has never been so much fun!


So, it is definitely time to think about family activities for your children do over the holidays. I know I was always so glad when the holidays came around because I knew I could have some breathing space from the grind of school and homework. As a mom I looked forward to having my 3 children home for awhile and we could do a lot of fun activities: baking cookies, going ice skating, go to the local art gallery, and see all the Christmas lights. it was always a magical time for me. And seeing the smiles as we did those things was priceless! You can see your child smile too with the activities in the BT Family Activity Book.

Family Activities Book

Bonnie Terry’s BT Family Activity Book has over 80 fun family activities in 7 categories that will get you through the holidays as well as vacation times. Activities are in the following categories:

  1. Weekly Trips
  2. Nature Activities
  3. Outdoor Activities
  4. Do at Home Activities
  5. Games to Play
  6. Recommended Books According to Grade Level
  7. Award Winning Books

Get your complimentary copy of the BT Family Activity Book too. Just go to: BT Family Activity Bookto download it.

Critical Last Step For Family Activities to Make Them Count!

And, remember to take that last step with your family activities: create a family scrapbook or collage that covers the activities you did. When you create a scrapbook or a collage you are processing the information you have learned and experiences you have had in a second way which builds memory skills, factual knowledge skills, and ultimately reading comprehension skills. That is where the true learning of the activities takes place. The scrapbook or collage can be kept from year to year and even added to over the years. Take time to go back and review those places you went to or activities you did, the memory system is enhanced which improves learning skills. Family activities can and does enrich your child’s learning skills.

Bonnie TerryBonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET is a LD Specialist. Ms. Terry helps parents identify, understand, & address the underlying causes of their child’s learning problems. Dyslexic, LD and ADHD kids advance 2-4 years in 20 minutes a day with Ms. Terry’s books, games, and guides.  Overcome learning a learning disability by visiting HERE.