Make Extra Cash With Your CarPeople today are looking for unique ways to make a few dollars. With the massive amount of unemployment and thousands of people vying for a single position, job prospects are few and far between.

When researching ways that people have found to bring in extra cash, we stumbled upon an idea that had us smacking our foreheads: make extra cash with your car!

It couldn’t have been more obvious. Sitting right there in your driveway is a great, creative way to make a bit of extra money monthly, weekly or even daily.

Here are some of the ways to make extra cash with Your car:

  • Make Extra Cash With Your Car By Using Car Wraps

We love this idea. Not only is it creative, but it also gives you a chance to drive a car unlike any other on the road. There are many larger companies who will pay people to wrap their cars in advertisements.

This idea tends to work better for people who drive between 50 and 100 miles a day as companies accept drivers more readily if they are sure their advertisements are going to be seen by the maximum amount of consumers.

  • Make Extra Cash With Your Car By Renting It

There are companies you can sign on with that will help you rent your car out for cash. The company provides a GPS unit, WiFi and keyless entry to benefit the renter, and also provides car insurance for both the driver and the car owner.

If your schedule allows, renting your car to others can be a great way to bring in several hundred dollars a month, which may just allow you to make your car payment and have some cash left over!

  • Make Extra Cash With Your Car By Carpooling

Chances are there are people that need a ride. Whether they are trying to save gas, going green or simply don’t have transportation, finding people that are willing to carpool is fairly simple.

Check online for people that are heading in the same direction or put up a flyer at work or school. The daily or weekly fee is up to you. Make enough to fill your gas tank or charge a little bit more; either way, you’re using your car in a way that is both beneficial to you and helpful to others.

  • Make Extra Cash With Your Car By Making Deliveries

There are a variety of companies and businesses that utilize delivery drivers. Deliver pizza, flowers or even act as a courier between companies.

Check online postings in the transport section to see what you may qualify for. Don’t make the mistake and think that all drivers need a CDL license!

  • Make Extra Cash With Your Car By Parting It Out

If you have an old car sitting in your driveway, why not piece it out for cash? All manner of car parts can be sold for money, either to salvage yards or individuals. eBay motors is a great place to sell your parts if they aren’t too large to ship.

If you’ve had dreams of fixing up that old beater and are still staring at it, chances are good that you won’t be getting to it any time soon. Why not make extra cash with your car instead of letting it rust in the driveway?

Reading these five ways that people have found to turn their cars into money making machines may even inspire you to come up with a few ideas of your own!

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While not everyone has a vehicle, those of you who do can take advantage of the creative ways to make extra cash with your car.