A new historical fiction children’s book series from noted educator, Billy D. Page is reviving the important lessons of honesty, hard work and compassion for a new generation. 

A longtime member of the Boy Scouts of America, Billy D. Page has been a dedicated Scoutmaster and Sunday school teacher for nearly all his life.

He lives in Michigan, where he and his wife, Loyce, preside over a family of three children, seven grandchildren and four great-grandchildren and celebrate the Page family’s combined 181 years of marriage.

“Life for kids can be complicated, and those of us lucky enough to have grown up in a simpler time – when the line between right and wrong was a lot clearer – have an obligation to share our wisdom in ways that will engage and inspire a new generation,” Page said. 

“The great stories found in our history books, our small town museums and passed down from generation to generation in great organizations like the Boy Scouts have lessons which still ring true.

This historical fiction children’s book series is my way of bringing those stories to children everywhere.” 

historical fiction children's book series The historical fiction children’s book series, It Happened in Marion, is set in Page’s homeown of Marion, Iowa. The two-book series is to be read to or read by children in grades four through six.

The humorous and adventure-filled historical fiction children’s book series will help kids enjoy reading, learn about animals, understand bullying, avoid drugs, respect our environment and increase vocabulary.

Wholesome values, subtly presented as important story elements, encourage honesty, courage and a variety of other ideals parents hold dear.  

Each novel is also infused with appropriate, challenging vocabulary for children ages nine to 12 and a glossary that will help young readers build their abilities.

 The historical fiction children’s book series abounds with stories about camping, Native Americans, racial tension, intrigue and a few examples of the trepidations of girl/boy relationship.

Fictionalized history of the American Revolution and the Civil War build interest. Patriotism and social awareness supports our heritage. 

The historical fiction children’s book series tell the tales of middle and high school boys whose lives take difficult turns and are further complicated by family challenges and dishonest and criminal forces in their town that threaten to tear apart its fabric.

Using the time-honored skill and character building programs of Scouting, the boys’ adventures lead them to find solutions to their problems.

“Children are hungry for guidance in their everyday lives and I’m thrilled to be able to bring all my experience as an educator, a scout master, a father, grandfather and great-grandfather to them through these books,” Page said. 

“The greatest gifts we can provide our children are our wisdom and our sense of adventure for life. These stories are written to inspire and empower them to be independent and assured young people.”

Billy D PageBilly D. Page – a PhD whose career in education spans elementary school teaching to college dean, public school leader to Boy and Cub Scout master – has fused a lifetime of learning about the struggles of growing up into a compelling new historical fiction children’s book series that brings to life the trials and tribulations of small town life with the adventures of curious, capable young people.