NON-TRIVIAL QUEST is a new family board game about all the things that you need to know in life today. It is an educational game designed to make learning fun and interesting.  

Non-trivial is the opposite of trivial so are the important things that we need to know versus the unimportant.  But non-trivial can be very subjective.

family board gameI spent many years developing this First Edition USA Version of the family board game, Non-Trivial Quest.

  • First I selected 6 important subject areas to fit the selection from the choice of the throw of a pair of dice. 
  • Then I needed at least 300 non-trivial and interesting questions and answers for this first version targeting ages 10 to 110.  
  • I wanted to provide more than just simple multiple choice questions and answers. So I added a description of the answer to stimulate discussion, thinking, and memory about the subject. 
  • Next, each question and answer required to be validated with at least 2 authorities or references for accuracy and completeness.  This all took a lot of work and time and may be why it has not been done before as far as I have found. 

All this led to a new family board game type and design. I included a choice of easy-to-learn rules for desired playing time or difficulty level, which made the game unique enough for a patent application and standard copyright protection.

The game is self published with 5,000 manufactured units. It was first introduced at two trade shows in March of 2011 where it found great interest and success.  The NON-TRIVIAL QUEST family board game has received many good reviews and awards including the “10 Best Games of 2011” award by Dr. Toy. 

The family board game is available on and at the game Web site

Players are encouraged to submit their comments on the family board game blog at as well as on other game blogs. 

Bonus: Anyone contributing a new set of questions and answers with proper authorities and references will be rewarded with a new family board game for free if we use the set in future games. 

The next steps in our game plan is to make a name change to NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ as required by Hasbro. We will also license out the new family board game version for the USA and other countries of immediate interest. 

As mentioned, the future games and brand will be under NON-TRIVIA QUEST™.  Hasbro objected to the NON-TRIVIAL QUEST trademark application, claiming infringement on the TRIVIAL PURSUIT® mark. Though it is obvious that this game can not be confused with their game and is actually the opposite in purpose with a completely different design and appearance, it is too costly to fight with them through the courts.  Once you play the NON-TRIVIAL QUEST First Edition USA Version, I think that you will agree that this game may be the next big game on the market and can even surpass the success of TRIVIAL PURSUIT®.

In addition, the family board game will be developed using the interactive Internet cloud computer program for the USA version. Apps for Facebook, Google’s Android smart phones, and for Apple’s IOS mobile and other i-devices will soon follow. 

Funding projects for these operations are planned on, with prizes that include autographed copies of the original limited-edition collector’s item NON-TRIVIAL QUEST and/or the new NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ family board game, plus subscriptions to the Internet cloud computing program and other apps as they are developed.

Future varieties and versions of the NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ brand will expand into different subjects, market demographics, countries, and languages, including various media types such as interactive Internet cloud computing, apps for the social networks and mobile devices, streaming TV, video, electronic, CDs, DVD, e-books and printed books. 

My professional goal was to be a toy and automation designer, but spent most of the past 40 years in the aerospace and telecommunications industry as a microwave and power engineer.  My greatest interest and personal goal is to continue learning and teaching, and to make a difference in our world as best that I can.

This is why I am very excited about partnering with schools, teachers and homeschoolers to introduce my family board game as a teaching aid. Students will have fun learning the things they need to know that often get left out of the mainstream teaching curriculum.  

new family board gameDoug Arduini is an electronic engineering consultant, product and technology developer, a writer and presenter of various technical papers and white papers. He is an inventor with 5 patents and 3 patents pending, the self-publisher of the NON-TRIVIAL QUEST and now the NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ family board game.

Contact Doug at for more information on the development of NON-TRIVIA QUEST™ the new family board game.