find low car insuranceThe statistics for teen driving accidents make it difficult to find low car insurance.  According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, drivers age 15 to 20 accounted for 12.9 percent of all the drivers involved in fatal crashes and 16 percent of all the drivers involved in all police-reported crashes.

This is the primary data underwriters will look at when calculating a teens car insurance rates. 

There are some excellent ways to work with your teen to reduce the impact of these facts and find low car insurance rates. 

Whether your teen is just starting to drive or will be getting behind the wheel in the near future, it is a good time to motivate them on what they can do to save money and find low car insurance

The 7 steps we will review below will also serve your teen well as they get older and take on full responsibility for maintaining car insurance.

  • Find low car insurance by having good grades.

Good grades is the best place to start in working with your teen to find low car insurance rates.  Whether they are just entering high school or have semesters behind them working to have at least a B average will save at least 10% on their car insurance.  Car insurance companies will look at the most recent semester so if your teen is not receiving a B average it is a great time to motivate them to do the work to increase their grades. 

  • Find low car insurance by driving an older car,

One of the first things an insurance company will look at is the type of car your teenager will be driving.  If it is a sports car, like a Ford Mustang, where your teen might want to take advantage of the power of the car, car insurance companies will assign a greater risk to insuring your teen.  If you plan on buying a car for your teen it will save you money on car insurance to get an older, more reliable car.  Cars such as a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla will cost less than a newer sports car.

  • Find low car insurance by keeping high deductibles.

A good way to save money on car insurance is by adjusting comprehensive and collision deductibles.  Collision deductibles will show the highest savings, by increasing your deductible up to $1,000 your savings can increase over $500 a year.  The drawback with the higher deductibles is you will be held responsible for any damages, such as a small dent or a fender bender, up to $1,000.   The other benefit with higher deductibles is by not filing for smaller claims you will continue to qualify for claims-free discounts.  The area you should never cut back on is your liability coverage.  Liability coverage protects your assets. 

  • Find low car insurance by taking a driver education course.

A teen can also receive a savings from taking a driver education course.  It is a good idea to check with your teenager’s school to see if they offer a driving class that would meet insurer’s guidelines.  Car insurance companies will provide a discount to teens that have completed the class.

  • Find low car insurance by combining polices.

If your teen will be added your existing car insurance policy it is a good time to review other polices you have, such as for homeowners or life insurance.  Insurance companies will provide discounts up to 20% if you combine all of your policies with one company.

  • Find low car insurance by having a clean driving record.

Stressing good driving habits and keeping a clean driving record with no violations will reap great savings as your teen gains experience.  A clean record will typically provides savings up to 20% and it will also provide leverage to shop around with other companies to assure you are always receiving the lowest rates in the market.  It may take a few years to see the savings as most car insurance companies will want to see at 2-3 years of experience before lowering their pricing.

  • Find low car insurance by shopping around.

If we had to pick the easiest way to save money on your teen’s car insurance it would be shop around.  Competition is great way to find lower prices.  In the car insurance market you likely will have well over 100 car insurance companies registered to sell car insurance in the state you live in. 

It is not always clear which company is providing the lower prices at a given time.  By working on the 6 steps above and shopping with at least 4-5 companies you will be in an excellent position to receive great rates on car insurance.  The easiest way to get multiple quotes at once is work with an independent web site, such as Hometown Quotes, that works with the best companies. 

The above are the 7 best ways to save money and find low car insurance for your teen. 

Keep in mind that car insurance is regulated by state governments and it is always a good idea to check with your states governments’ insurance web site to see programs and regulations in place for the state you live in.

Tom Frances is a risk management professional that specializes in car insurance.  He primarily works with customers in California as well as Oregon.  Please visit Oregon Car Insurance for more information on how to find low car insurance.