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How To Help Generation iY Find A Positive Future

Parents, teachers, coaches, youth leaders, and other adults can help generation iY find a positive future by leveraging their in?uence and taking their place as leaders.  1.   Help generation iY find a positive future by being different from previous generations....

Webseries: Kids Who Love To Cook

“Kids Who Love to Cook” is launching its second season of webisodes and cooking videos.  The newly-launched website and cooking series takes you into the kitchen with seven real-life kids to show their love of food and to teach viewers about cooking, and how to bring...

Babies Know Physics Intuitively

Studies indicate infant brains come equipped with knowledge and evidence babies know physics intuitively. “We believe that infants are born with expectations about the objects around them, even though that knowledge is a skill that’s never been taught. As the child...

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