The school year is well established, in fact it is half over, so, how can parents make the most of the rest of the school year and give their child the homework support they need to be successful?

The first thing a parent needs to do in the middle of the school year is to to re-evaluate how things are going in school. For example, is it a good year or a frustrating year? Also, is your child getting enough sleep? Does your child take a long time to get their homework done?


Homework Help May Be As Easy as Getting More Sleep

What does sleep have to do with learning? Studies show that there is a direct link between getting enough sleep and higher grades. Researchers have also found a link between sleep and cognitive abilities.

In fact, one researcher found that sixth graders who lost just an hour of sleep performed at a fourth-grade level. Other studies show a link between getting enough sleep and higher grades.

There are four steps to giving your child homework help to make the most of the school year.

  • Step 1: Be sure they get enough sleep.
  • Step 2: Paying attention to your kids
    • How long is it taking your kids to get their homework done?
    • Is your child able to get their homework done accurately?
    • Is your child struggling with assignments repeatedly?
    • Does your child like their teacher or feel negativity towards their teacher
  • Step 3: Monitor your child’s schoolwork and homework
    • Periodically check your child’s homework for quality as well as correctness
    • If the homework is beyond their child or if it is repeatedly too easy, talk to the teacher – you can call a conference of your own
  • Step 4: Provide their children with specific resources that will give your child the homework help they need and make homework time easier
    • Be sure your child has the resources they need at home to help them plan out their homework and after school activities
    • Chunk homework assignments into shorter time frames for greater focus
    • Weekly planning calendar in Ten Minutes to Better Study Skills
    • Writer’s Easy Reference Guide – writing homework help including paragraph writing and essay writing, and how to do a bibliography
    • BT Easy Math Reference Guide – math homework help including calculations, word problems, decimals, fractions, and percents

If your child takes a long time to do their homework or struggles with it there is usually a reason for it and it is not that they are ‘blowing you off’! We learn 3 ways: through hearing, seeing, and doing.

Within each of those ways there are 9 sub-categories of perception that affect learning and typically if your child struggles or takes too long to do their homework, it is due to one or more of those areas of perception that affect learning.

These are learned skills and can be improved. For more Homework Help tips you can download our Homework Wars: How to Win the Battle ebook for free. It gives you the secrets to stopping the homework wars and to getting your children to do their homework every time.

Find out what to do when your child knows they have an assignment but can’t remember what it is. Find out what to do when your child can’t do their homework unless your are right there next to them, held captive, even though they don’t necessarily need your help.

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homework helpBonnie Terry, M. Ed., BCET, Board Certified Educational Therapist #10167, is considered one of the top experts in the country in helping teachers and parents identify their students’ learning disabilities/learning difficulties. She’s been an educator, learning disability specialist, and educational therapist since 1973. Ms. Terry gives teachers and parents the ability to give their child a 2 – 4 year advantage in just 20 minutes a day. She’s a contributing author to education journals. She’s a popular national and international speaker.  Her website is at  

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