You are what you eat is a true statement whether you are making healthy eating choices or poor eating choices.

Regardless of your weight, if you aren’t feeding yourself properly, you can suffer in many areas of your life.

Although there are other aspects that can affect how you feel like your stress level, your personal health history, or even genetics, healthy eating will help to improve your life immensely.

What Unhealthy Eating Can Cause

There are many different ramifications to not eating properly. These consequences can range from feeling sluggish to hospitalization. Here are some results of poor eating habits:

–  Weight Gain – this is usually the most popular consequence to unhealthy eating. Some gain rapidly and some gain at a slower pace. Regardless of the rate of gain, it is not healthy for you.

–  Hair Loss – yes, there are some people who can, and do, lose their hair. If your body is not getting enough of the necessary nutrients it needs to produce healthy hair, it can result in hair loss. Lack of the right amount of protein and essential vitamins can contribute to hair loss.

–  Listlessness – fatty foods can slow you down and cause you to be more tired than normal. Not getting enough of the proper nutrients you body needs can slow you down as well.

What Healthy Eating Can Do For You

healthy eatingHealthy eating has benefits for just about every facet of your life. Making the right choices when it comes to your food intake can almost have a domino effect on your life as a whole.

Substituting unhealthy choices with healthy eating choices can help you to have more energy, which will give you the energy you need to be able to fit in some exercise, which will help you to lose weight, which will help you to feel better about yourself.

How to Make Healthy Eating Choices

The most simplistic method is to choose non fatty foods over fatty foods. Instead of having a candy bar or potato chips for a snack, have your favorite fruits and veggies.

Instead of making a meal from a box or a frozen dinner, make a healthy salad (takes about the same amount of time to prepare). Instead of having just a cup of coffee for breakfast, throw in some yogurt or a banana.

Making healthy eating choices is simply a choice, so make the right one.

It is not as difficult as most of us think to make these healthy eating choices. Many of us believe that making healthy eating choices means never eating “good” food again, however that is not the case.

Start out slow instead of jumping in full force. Cut out one thing that you can live without first. After you and your body have adjusted cut out another.

When you cut out those things that are not the right foods to eat, make sure to replace it with something healthy. Another thing to keep in mind is to eat everything in moderation and not in excess.

Remember that eating is very important. It is easy to fall into the thought process that if you can’t make a healthy eating choice that ‘not eating at all’ is better than eating something unhealthy. This is not the case at all.

Not eating on a regular basis can cause you to gain weight, experience a lack of energy, and cause a negative impact on your attitude in general. So, if there is no option for a healthy eating choice, at least chose food instead of nothing at all.

When it comes to healthy eating, it can help you in all areas of your life. Make making the right choices a part of your life. Starting out small and working your way up will help to reduce the stress of the process and give you time to enjoy getting on the right track of healthy eating.

Amie Sitter-JonesAmie Sitter-Jones is a consultant and writer who offers advice regarding hair growth and hair loss to her clients.

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