The thought of taking the SAT exam can be daunting as so much of your future rests on your score.

If you earn a high score, you have a better chance to be accepted to a top notch school, bomb them and you’ll be taking the SAT exam again before you have any hope of getting into the college of your dreams.

Taking the SAT examHere’s how to prepare for taking the SAT exam so you can perform to the best of your ability:

  • Schedule Your Test

The earlier you schedule your test, the longer you will have to prepare for taking the SAT exam.

Scheduling your test at least six months in advance will give you ample time to learn all there is to know about the SAT and allow you time to study.

Schedule the exam with too little time to prepare and you’ll find yourself under a tremendous amount of unnecessary pressure.

  • Learn About the Test

There are dozens of books and websites that explain the ins and outs of the SAT.  Grab a few of these books from your local library and browse through the different websites.

Knowing what to expect on the SAT will take away the element of surprise and allow you to lose some of that stress you are feeling. Find out how the test is set up, the types of questions you can expect and what areas you should study.

  • Practice Tests

Taking a practice test before you study will give you some idea of the areas that you need to concentrate on.There’s no need to waste your time studying the things that you already know!

It’s not what you know, it’s knowing what you don’t know. When you take a practice test before you begin your studies, you’ll quickly get a feel for what you know and what you don’t know.

Study SkillsBe prepared to take several practice tests throughout your months of study to further concentrate your studying on subject areas you need extra help with.

  • Take a Class

If you freeze up when it comes to taking standardized tests, taking the SAT exam training can help you better prepare for the upcoming test.

A training class will give you homework as well as practice tests to complete. This is often done in an environment that replicates the real test so that when the big day comes, you’ll already know exactly what you’ll be walking into.

  • SAT Tutoring

For some students, finding a private tutor is the best way to prepare for taking the SAT exam. By utilizing a professional tutor, you can expect instant feedback of both your strengths and weaknesses.

With this instant feedback, your instructors will also give you explanations that make sense. While not every student will need a private tutor, many will benefit from the extra assistance.

Taking the SAT exam shouldn’t be more stressful than it has to be. If you are the type of person that panics at the thought of taking a test, the smart thing to do is prepare yourself to the best of your ability.

The better prepared you are for taking the SAT exam, the better you will perform on test day.

Joan Tulley is an administrative consultant and writes for, a site that can help you find the best online colleges.

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