They say experience is the best teacher. That’s true, but imagine how much frustration and grief could be avoided if it was somebody else’s experience, not your own!

That’s the practical message of Missed Ops, by Keith Nelson and Anthony Rienzi. As former DEA and FBI Special Agents, these guys know how to analyze critical situations, and you will love their no-nonsense approach and anecdotal evidence pointing towards a more rewarding future.

Missed OpsAs DEA and FBI Special Agents, Keith Nelson and Anthony Rienzi witnessed first-hand the consequences of bad choices.

They’ve turned that knowledge upside-down to write Missed Ops: When Opportunity Knocks Know What NOT To Do.  

The result is a straightforward and practical look at using other people’s missed opportunities as a guide to leaving regret behind and building a better future.

“We have demonstrated strategies for breaking generational cycles of dissatisfaction and failure,” Keith Nelson says.

“Our book can have a positive impact on the lives of those who have regrets about not taking advantage of past opportunities, while also proactively helping those who have not yet made major life decisions, ensuring they make the best ones.”

The book shows how to recognize opportunity when it knocks and how to objectively appraise and critique the advice and counsel of others before making an informed choice.

Based on candid interviews from a wide variety of people, Missed Ops is highly readable and informative. “We wanted to outline what readers should not do when faced with a personal, educational or financial opportunity.

Experience is the best teacher, but only if it’s someone else’s experience,” adds Anthony Rienzi, co-author. Throughout the book, readers develop an ability to view the outcome of other people’s mistakes and gain knowledge as if they experienced it personally.

In their careers as DEA and FBI Special Agents, the authors received in-depth training in using fact-based interviewing techniques and investigative analyzing skills.

They applied these same skills to break down missed opportunities to identify what went wrong and how it could have been corrected.

Through analyzing their personal experiences and interviewing other people, the authors determined common facts of failure and created an outline of skills and techniques for seizing opportunity.

“Missed Ops is not a one-size-fits-all solution,” Nelson says. “Instead it is designed to be a roadmap to help the reader make successful choices when faced with opportunity during his or her own unique journey.”

MISSED OPS offers an uncommon perspective on how to get off the treadmill to nowhere that is characterized by struggle, disappointment, and failure. Readers will learn practical strategies for successfully climbing the socio-economic ladder, attaining personal goals, fulfilling lifelong dreams, and passing along valuable guidance and wisdom to future generations.

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