Educators, developers, and designers will gather at Kno Inc.’s headquarters for Startup Weekend EDU, a 54-hour crash course in building applications and developing education-based use cases around them

With tech giants such as Amazon and Apple releasing initiatives aimed at the education industry, and as solutions rooted in technology continue to dominate education-related discourse, Startup Weekend Bay Area (powered by the Kauffman Foundation) will offer a platform for educators and technology industry innovators to converge during the upcoming Startup Weekend EDU event.

The 54-hour event will be hosted by education software company Kno, Inc. located at 5155 Old Ironside Drive, Santa Clara, California 95054, from Friday, February 24, 2012 to Sunday, February 26, 2012.  

“The lines between informal and formal education are blurring,” observes Betsy (Elizabeth) Corcoran, CEO and Co-Founder of EdSurge, a leading industry publication that reports on education technology trends.

“We can use technology to unlock incredible educational opportunities in both arenas–and will do so most effectively when educators and technologists work together.” 

In the past, building technology for learning meant navigating the challenging procurement bureaucracies of schools. But according to Ms. Corcoran, the market for great edtech products is changing:  

“Teachers are exercising more choice over the tools and products they want to use; parents are using edtech products at home, and the ‘maker’ or do-it-yourself movement is making ‘learning’ more cool for anyone at anytime.

Those dynamics offer new opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as ‘teacher-preneurs,’ educators who have a passion for building scalable solutions.”  

Added Osman Rashid, CEO/Co-Founder of Kno, Inc: “The rate of innovation in education technology today is unprecedented thanks to programs like Startup Weekend.

We are excited to part of this competition and to support others who are passionate about improving the state of education through technology.” 

To provide guidance and feedback to event participants on their various ideas,Startup Weekend has enlisted local entrepreneurs and experts with experience in the edtech space.

These mentors include: Cory Reid, Mastery Connect; Liam Donn, ClassDojo; David Straus, Kno, Inc; Justin Su, Goalbook; Wayee Chu, NewSchools Venture Fund; Michael Staton, Inigral; Ari Bader-Natal, Grockit; Lorraine Akemann, Moms with Apps; Jessie Arora, Imagine K-12; Scott Rutherford, UserVoice; and Babur Habib, Kno, Inc.  

Event attendees can get a jump on the event by educating themselves with the “CheatCode” compiled by EdSurge, a partner of Startup Weekend Bay Area’s EDU event. 

To register for Startup Weekend Bay Area, visit:

About Startup Weekend Bay Area

Startup Weekend Bay Area, “SWBAY”, ( is an intense 54-hour event, which focuses on building a web or mobile application that could form the basis of a credible business over the course of a weekend.

The weekend brings together developers, designers and entrepreneurs to build applications and develop a commercial case around them.

With access to Silicon Valley’s best and brightest innovators, SWBAY offers a unique opportunity to connect and learn from leaders in the tech industry and provides an experiential education process for event participants.  

About Startup Weekend EDU

Startup Weekend EDU ( is a global network of passionate educators, entrepreneurs, developers and designers on a mission to revolutionize the education and learning markets.

This is citizen-driven EDU reform. Startup Weekend EDU is powered by the Kauffman Foundation, Google, Grockit, Pearson, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Pat Wyman

Pat Wyman is the best selling author of  Instant Learning for Amazing GradesLearning vs. Testing, CEO and founder of . and the creator of the Personal Learning Styles Inventory.