Many of us have ignored the Vitamin C sitting on our counter and the many health benefits it provides.

The BBC’s expose on brand name beauty products found it to be the stand out treatment in preventing wrinkles. 

The Tulane University in New Orleans found that it was instrumental in creating new collagen.  Even your very own doctor will recommend vitamin C

Best of all, vitamin C is cheap, readily available and probably in your home already. 

Those tangy vitamin C orange tabs your mom force fed you in cold season was not only beefing up your immune system but performing dozens of other health and beauty services too.

The Benefits of Vitamin C – Anti-aging Properties

Collagen is a protein in your connective tissue and is vital in tissue development, regrowth and repair (used to treat burns and other medical skin conditions). 

What does this mean on the surface?  Skin with healthy collagen levels appears younger and less wrinkled.  As we age, collagen production slows, making us look more wrinkled and less pert. 

Vitamin C is instrumental in creating new collagen.  The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that those with diets rich in vitamin C had few wrinkles and age related dry skin issues. 

The Benefits of Vitamin C – Fighting the Free Radicals

the benefits of vitamin cA positively charged oxygen molecule – Free Radicals sound harmless right?  Nope.  

Imagine free radicals as little hooks floating around your body, bumping into things and creating tiny spots of damage on organs and cells. 

When there is enough damage, things go very, very bad.  Beyond tired skin, cells can turn cancerous, organs can sustain permanent damage – for something so small, free radicals can be very scary. 

The cure?  Anti-oxidents.  Anti-oxidents neutralise free radicals by sharing electrons with them.  There are plenty of dietary sources of free radicals but generally vitamin C is the most common and is the simplest to consume: 

  • Uric Acid (found in seafoods mostly – too many can aggravate gout)
  • Glutathione (found mostly in avocadoes and watermelon – is dangerous for those with liver or kidney disease or pregnant women)
  • Melatonin (found mostly in some carbohydrates, ginger, fruits, nuts and vegetables – can lead to drowsiness)
  • Vitamin E – (found in oils, fruits and vegetables)

The Benefits of Vitamin C – Liver Detox 

Vitamin C aids detoxification of the liver and is in fact, used in treatment of liver diseases such as hepatitis C.  Toxins in your liver release massive numbers of free radicals, vitamin C helps to neutralise these and is thought to aid with the healing and flushing of the liver.  How does this help with beauty?  Poor liver health can impact on skin tone (although “liver spots” are more about sun damage than liver health) by releasing increased levels of a chemical called Billirubin into the blood stream which can cause havoc!  This is a common cause of jaundice in new babies with liver issues.  If left unchecked it can create: 

  • Uneven skin tone and dark circles under the eyes
  • Skin disorders such as dermatitis or rashes
  • Wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Blood vessel damage (appearing as red patterns under the skin) 

Another one of the many benefits of Vitamin C is that it keeps all this in check and helps the liver to do its job.

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, an orange a day keeps the surgeons away! 

Staying young and maintaining beautiful skin longer needn’t mean risky, expensive surgery – it just means a little freshness in your diet! 

vitamin CDana Flannery’s resume includes health and beauty investigative broadcasting and writing. 

She now works as a professional writer for a Website Marketing firm Talk About Creative.  Her current project is Pet Sitting Brisbane.

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