In these economic times, career advancement is difficult at best.

Although most of us are elated to just have a job, we still need to focus on moving forward in our career.

If you are considering progressing forward today or think you may in the future, there are things you need to consider.

Here are five ways in which you can begin your career advancement process.

Go Back to School

One way in which to set yourself apart from your coworkers is to enhance your experience with additional education. Take a look at your coworkers and see what kind of education they have behind them.

Take the steps to rise above and get the education you need to set yourself apart from them. Also, find out what kind of education your supervisors have.

If most of them have a master’s degree, take the steps to obtain your master’s degree. Experience alone will not set you apart, however education in addition to experience can be key in career advancement.

Obtain Additional Certificates

career advancementIf you work in an industry where obtaining certificates will open doors to performing other job tasks, do whatever you can to get those certificates.

Do not focus solely on the areas that will be beneficial in your current career, but look at other facets of the industry you work in.

There are many certificates that you can obtain on your own that can help advance you in your current position as well as set you up for success in your career advancement.  

Attend Career Training                                               

Many careers require you to complete continuing education. If, however, you are not in one of those industries, see what training is available to you.

Many companies have training available that is not required for your position and therefore has not been offered to you. Just because it has not been offered does not mean that it is not available to you to complete.

If there is not any additional training available for you, find it in the community. Attend workshops, lectures, forums, or whatever you can find. The information you receive will help you in your work performance and in your career advancement.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with fellow coworkers, management, vendors, or even with those in other companies is imperative to your career advancement. Unfortunately, all too often, it’s not about what you know as opposed to who you know.

Be courteous and kind to everyone you come in contact with. Make sure that you never badmouth those you work for or with and do not stick around for those conversations either.

You never know when you will be in a position that you will have to answer to what you have said about and how you have treated others you work with.


Letting others know that you are interested in career advancement is probably the most important part of succeeding.

If you do not let the right people know that you are interested, they will not have you in mind when it comes time for filling those positions you are looking at moving into.

Ask these people what you need to do in order to advance. Once you know what you need to do, you can put things into action. 

Getting yourself out there and doing what you need to do to set yourself apart from everyone else is what is needed for career advancement.

You may be happy in your position today, however tomorrow you may get the desire to move forward in your career. Always keep in mind that what you do today can and will be considered tomorrow. 

Author Trudy Stapleton is a career counselor who also writes for, a site which explores and lists all the best online masters in human resources as well as online Masters in HR Rankings.

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