Spring Break is a time when many students like to cut loose and forget about exams for a few days, but unfortunately, focusing too much on fun and not enough on personal safety can have tragic consequences. 

safetyStudents planning on traveling to another state or maybe a different country, there are some things that they have to know before they set off on a vacation away from home. 

Chances are this is their first vacation away from their parents. Students have to be responsible for their own safety. 

There have been too many circumstances where things happen to students while on spring break, the most recent are Natalee Holloway and Brittany Drexel. 

To help students stay safe while on Spring Break, Marcia Peot, full time police officer and Chief Safety Officer at StreetSafe, offers the following safety reminders: 

  1. Don’t let your guard down.  Being on vacation is not an excuse to throw caution to the wind and do something you wouldn’t normally do or put yourself in an unsafe situation.
  2. Research the place you are visiting before you go, especially if it’s a foreign country.  Find out if there are dangerous areas you should avoid, familiarize yourself with local laws and customs, and know where to go and what to do in case of an emergency.
  3. Stay in groups or use the buddy system.  You are more of a target when you are by yourself.
  4. A stranger is still a stranger, even on vacation.  Do not accept a ride or go off somewhere alone with a person you don’t know.
  5. Do not drink excessively.  When you are intoxicated, your physical reflexes, awareness of your surroundings, and ability to make decisions become impaired, making you an easy target.
  6. Never leave your drink unattended and do not accept beverages from anyone other than the bartender or waiter.
  7. The beaten path is the better path.  Stick to populated and well-lit areas, don’t take short cuts, and familiarize yourself with the area before heading out.
  8. Make sure your hotel room is locked at all times.  Do not advertise your room number, open the door for anyone you are not expecting, or bring strangers back to your room.
  9. Upgrade your personal security. StreetSafe is a new mobile personal security system that uses your smart phone’s GPS technology to instantly connect to help before a situation turns into an emergency. Street Safe’s “Walk with Me” service offers a live connection to a professional Safety Advisor to keep you safe when walking in unfamiliar or threatening surroundings and instant access to 911 if needed.

Spring break used to be friends taking a week long vacation to places like Florida to spend the week lying on the beach and going dancing at night. These days there is a lot more violence during spring break than ever before.  Some schools are sponsoring spring breaks to help create a safer environment.

Take advantage of all these safety tips and visit StreetSafe for more information.

Pat WymanPat Wyman is the best selling author of  Instant Learning for Amazing GradesLearning vs. Testing, CEO and founder of HowToLearn.com . and the creator of the Personal Learning Styles Inventory.

Wyman feels it is important to be armed with knowledge regarding personal safety.

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