Is it possible to look and feel younger or is it just wishful thinking?

The internet is full of sales pitches for products, services, diets and formulas that are guaranteed to take years off your face, pounds off your waist in just minutes a day. 

look and feel younger

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The good news is that credible medical research suggests that it’s possible for anyone to slow down the aging process and look and feel younger without resorting to quack ideas.

But the bad news is that it isn’t as easy or as fast as all the marketers and gurus would have you believe. 

It all boils down to the quality of your genes, environment, diet, and physical activity levels. While some things are out of your control, like your genetic makeup, the other factors can be played in your favor.

By making the most of your opportunity to improve what’s in your control you can dramatically increase the number of physically active years in your future and ultimately look and feel younger

The quality of your environment can have a drastic impact on your longevity. Laboratory studies show that animals that live in a highly stressful environment age faster than those that live in relaxed and positive environments.

Dirty and congested city streets, pollution filled air and having to deal with hostile people every day will age you before your time. When possible, consider moving to a more laid back and friendly environment to help you look and feel younger

Is country living healthier than living in the city? Cities have a reputation of being full of crime, stress and disease due to overcrowding and poor sanitation so you’d think moving to the country would be a sure way to improve your health.

But the statistics suggest otherwise. Country folk are much more likely to be obese, smoke and get less exercise than their city cousins. That said, moving to a place that makes you look and feel younger by making you feel more relaxed and happier will improve your health and longevity. 

One of the quickest ways to dramatically improve your vitality is to cut out the bad stuff. An excess of anything is bad for you and some things are bad for you even in moderation.

Cigarette smoking takes years off your life and makes you look years older than your actual age. Kicking the cigarette habit will help you look and feel younger faster than you’d imagine. 

Too much caffeine and alcohol are detrimental to your physical and mental well-being. A lifetime of over consuming these items can lead to elevated blood pressure, heart disease and a host of other conditions that will take the spring out of your step. If you want to look and feel younger consider cutting booze and coffee from your diet. 

It may not be exciting but eating more fruits and vegetables will help you live longer. Large sample studies show that people who eat more fresh fruit and veggies out live those who eat less.While we know these food sources contain high levels of certain vitamins and minerals, just taking a daily vitamin has not been proven to extend lifespan. 

Get moving, now. Too many people spend hours sitting behind a desk only to sit behind the wheel of a car to drive home and sit around watching TV and surfing the web. Low-levels of physical activity rob the body of its vitality and make life more stressful. Without sufficient physical activity you’re going to get fat and you’ll increase your chances of heart disease and diabetes. 

Extending your lifespan and improving how you look and feel comes down to positive daily activities. Get more exercise.

Something as simple as going for regular walks several times a week will make you look and feel younger than any plastic surgeon could.

Eat better foods and give up unhealthy habits. There may be no fountain of youth but these simple steps are all you need to live longer and look and feel younger. 

You can start today. Senior citizens, and any one with medical conditions, who want to start a physical fitness program would be wise to check with their physicians first. Start slowly, gradually build up your activity levels, and slowly build healthier dietary habits.

Follow these tips and you will start to look and feel younger sooner than you think.

Brian McGovern Brian McGovern is a senior health and science writer for He writes on a variety of senior safety and elder care issues. 

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