The advent of the smart phone along with the latest ‘must own college apps’  has created an atmosphere of discovery in regards to what a phone can now be used for.

The utility, informational and web access, voice integration, search functionality, and of course video games are all part of the standard toolkit provided by the smart phones, tablets, net books and PCs through online application stores.

As the market grows, so too does the number of developers looking for opportunities to create  must own college apps

College students are among the most likely to embrace technological change.

The possibilities of technologies such as smart phones provide are not lost on the college age generation. Born into a time where rapid shift in technology is normal, not revolutionary, these students are capable of integrating these technologies into their daily lives.

Below is a list of five must own college apps that students may just find very useful in assisting in their college lives.

Must Own College AppsMust Own College Apps: Mental Case 

Mental Case is a useful app for college students preparing for exams. The application allows students to construct digital flashcards. As digital flashcards, they are easy to create, do not need to be carried around, and will not be damaged or lost. Additionally, the card can contain various media, including video, to assist in the learning process. Flashcards and notes can be swapped between phones and online resources are available to download premade sets. Mental Case also creates lesson plans based on notes that are most in need of study. By replacing handmade flashcards, Mental Case proves to be an eco-friendly resource that also saves the student from hours of writing pains.

Available on iPhone, iPad and OS X 

Must Own College AppsMust Own College Apps: Chegg 

College textbooks are incredibly expensive by design. Chegg helps alleviate that expense by offering an alternative to college bookstores. The online book rental and sale store has released an app for college students. The application provides students the ability to immediately compare prices of college textbooks by providing various search methods to find books, including scanning barcodes, then providing the list and rental price. Textbook prices have skyrocketed over the last 15 years; this service helps bring the cost back down to earth.

Available on iPhone and iPad 

Must Own College AppsMust Own College Apps: iStudiez Pro 

iStudiez Pro assists students in organizing class schedules, assignments, work, and other tasks or events. Simple to input and easy to use, the app can bring organization to what is often a hectic point in a student’s life. Reminders, calendars, along with cross platform syncing ensures all the information and changes are available to you through your pc, tablet and mobile device. iStudiez Pro is essential for keeping track of your college life and ensuring that you never forget an assignment or exam ever again.

Available on iPhone, iPad, and OS X 

Must Own College AppsMust Own College Apps: Loopt 

Loopt is a social networking app that allows for the real time updating of an individual’s current location as well as offer real time answers to questions about local services, restaurants and stores. The service works with all major mobile carriers and smart phone platforms. For college students Loopt is a useful tool for staying connected with friends and finding local deals through updates regarding sales, discounts and coupons for local businesses. Loopt also features a real time location update that allows friends to locate one another on a map.  The service is excellent for organizing an outing to let off some steam, or to coordinate a study session. Loopt is an essential app for getting things going.

Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone 7 

Must Own College AppsMust Own College Apps: Evernote 

Evernote is a note taking app that allows the use to compile note and transfer them across all devices that you may use. Additionally, Evernote allows the addition of information such as photos into the notes to assist in studying. The app allows the photographing of handwritten notes, recording lectures, upping the quality of poorly scanned PDFs, and more. Evernote is easy to use, with an easily navigable user interface and a bevy of functionality that extends beyond the classroom.

Available on iPhone, iPad, OS X, Safari, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and Windows 7 

The must own college apps  listed above are a very small sample of what is available to the savvy college student.

Everyday new and interesting utilities are released, from budget conscious food finding apps, to comedy tracking social networks. The wide variety of phones and the many operating systems now in use makes it difficult to say which applications are available on which platform, but most have equivalent counterparts in regards to functionality that can be found with a little searching. Part of the fun is finding the app that works best for your needs. 

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