Lisa McCourt is a bestselling author of books about unconditional love and is now transitioning her message into self love.

She sold over five and a half million copies, they were translated into eleven languages and received multiple publishing industry awards and starred reviews.

“I thought I was a real smarty-pants on the subject of love,” McCourt says with good humor.

“Then a lightning bolt of insight struck and I realized, at last, that there’s one rare flavor of love that transforms everything. Without it, no other flavor can exist.”

That love is self love.

McCourt has developed a handbook for developing self love that helps women overcome poor body image, steers parents through divorces with minimal discord and enables children to resist bullying.

self loveThe book is Juicy Joy: Seven Simple Steps to Your Glorious Gutsy Self. See for details.

McCourt has written 33 award-winning children’s books including I Love You Stinky Face.

But even that much success didn’t bring her the happiness she was convinced should be hers. So she went on a challenging inner journey to discover the missing pieces.

What she brings back is a book reviewers call “brilliant,” a guidebook to “a positive and joyful outlook,” and “peace, purpose and breathtaking bliss.”

Filled with simple exercises and packed with examples of how her approach to self love can have a positive effect on many personal situations, McCourt’s book makes big promises: developing a compass for Juicy Joy and learning how to follow it, she says, guarantees a life that is rich, real, and powerfully satisfying, and launches you into an enduring love affair with your biggest, gutsiest, most authentic self.

She has taught her juicy-joyful, sometimes shocking, always delicious self love methods to thousands in her popular presentations and online trainings.

McCourt has been featured in Publisher’s Weekly and PBS’s Between the Lions and has appeared on CNN’s Showbiz Today.

She is currently working on a feature film based on one of her books. McCourt lives in sunny South Florida with her two children. 


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