A three year study at three schools in Chicago shows arts education programming was a factor leading to improved standardized test scores.

The report on how arts education affects results was released this week by the educational arts non-profit Changing Worlds and Loyola University.

The study on arts education is just the latest calling for more arts education in Chicago Public Schools.

With the district moving to a longer school day next year, the Chicago Teachers Union and parent groups like Raise Your Hand have called for more time devoted to arts education enrichment classes like music and art and less time devoted to test preparation.

arts educationResearchers at Loyola University’s Center for Urban Research and Learning tracked test scores of 95 children enrolled in Englewood‘s Goodlow Elementary Magnet School,Pilsen‘s Whittier Elementary and Rogers Park‘s Boone Elementary. The students were all participating in Changing Worlds’ Literacy and Cultural Connections program.

Goodlow had a predominantly African-American student body, Whittier was largely Latino, and Boone had many ethnicities within the school building.

The study found that fourth graders who started with the arts education program in 2009 saw an 11.5 percentage point gain in composite test scores meeting or exceeding state standards by the time they finished the arts program in sixth grade in 2011.

They also scored on average more than 11 percentage points higher than fourth through sixth graders at the same school who did not take part in the arts education program, according to the study.

“As it relates to the expanded school day, the need for arts education is critical,”… CONTINUE READING  this article by Noreen S. Ahmed-Ullah, Chicago Tribune reporter.

Thank you to the Chicago Tribune for the information provided in this article.

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