The National School Lunch Program announced plans to raise nutrition standards for students.

Changes to the school lunch program are in part due to First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign.  The goal of the campaign is to curb the rise in obesity in school-aged children.

However, the new school lunch program is questionable on its ability to have any significant effect on obesity.  Some of the changes – such as the change from whole milk to skim milk and from butter to margarine – are arguably counter-productive.

school lunch programWhen considered in total, the recommended changes to the school lunch program are quite small for a problem that threatens the health of children and the complex trap of obesity.

Unfortunately, the food industry has its fingerprints all over each of these new “nutrition” standards.

For example, tomato paste on pizza is considered to be a vegetable while french fries remain a staple in the new school lunch program.

Sure, there are more vegetables being introduced into the school lunch program and that is all well and good, even a long-time coming, so kudos to Michelle Obama for her efforts.

It is clear, however, that the government still operates under the illusion that consuming fat makes you fat. Consider the school lunch program recommendations dealing with dairy.

The government’s premise is this: Dairy is good for children; however, the fat content is a problem. This is simply not true. Yet removing fat from a child’s diet is at the core of nearly every change in the new school lunch program standards.

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