Nothing adds the perfect finishing touch to your bed like having the right mix of pillows and regular pillows on your bed. 

pillowsPillows are important to your neck and back alignment and your sense of overall beauty of your bedroom so it is worth taking the time to figure out what is right for you.

Pillows: Types, Sizes, and Shapes

Most people find that six to eight pillows are the perfect amount of pillows to create the ideal sleeping environment. 

For a double size bed or larger you should have a minimum of four pillows: two regular pillows and two throw pillows. 

A good combination of pillows would look like this: a long body pillow that you can use to hug to your chest and prop between your knees when you are sleeping on your side.  (If there are two side sleepers in the bed you may want two long body pillows.) 

These pillows go closest to your headboard when you make your bed.  Two king size pillows.  Two throw pillows that go in front of the king size pillows, one smaller throw pillow and one decorative-looking cylindrical pillow.

Pillows: Soft or Firm

There is no evidence that sleeping on firm pillows is better for your health.  

Softer pillows may be better for people who bunch up their pillows underneath them.  It is all a matter of preference. 

Pillows: When to Buy

What is essential is to buy a new pillow every ten months for pillows that you keep under your head, every year to year and a half for body pillows, and every two years for throw pillows. 

Why?  Because even if you have protective covering on your pillows, mites, skin, dust, and allergens, develop in the pillows and only buying a new pillow will totally alleviate them.  Also the tensile strength of even the best pillows wears over time. 

Pillows: Choose Your Color Scheme

Color schemes for the bedroom fall into three basic categories: warm, cool, or neutral.  Keep in mind that you can change your color palates with pillow covers according to the seasons or your whim but you should choose as your base the one that suits you the best.

pillowsChoose cool colors to aid sleep.  Blues, greens, and bluish purples have been proven to calm the mind and are good choices if you have trouble falling asleep.  Accent these colors with a tiny bit of silver to make the colors pop.

Warm:  Reds, Oranges, Burgundy, Yellow, and similar hues bring cheer and joy to any room and are good choices for people who are prone to depression.  Accent reds with gold, and yellow and orange with purple, red, or green.

Neutral colors look classy and elegant.  Beige, tan, white, andblack give a clean, contemporary feeling.  Accent white and black with a spot of red or burgundy and accent tan hues with brown.

One fun suggestion is to decorate your bedroom in one color scheme and your guest room in another.

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