Are you thinking about pursuing an online education?

If you answered “yes,” don’t let your curiosity stop there.

By considering an online education, you could be on your way to joining the many people who are trying out virtual classrooms.

After all, more than 6.1 million students were taking at least one online course during the fall of 2010, according to a 2011 study titled “Going the Distance” by the Babson Survey Research Group. And that total number represented an increase of 560,000 students over the previous year.

online educationIn spite of expanding enrollment numbers, questions still abound regarding the merit, acceptance, and credibility of an online education.

At the core of this topic, people may wonder whether an online education is on par with a traditional, face-to-face education.

To sort through all the information about an online education, some of the more common questions are answered here so you can make a more informed decision.

Q: Is an Online Education Easier?

When determining whether an online education is easier than traditional schooling, it generally depends on the individual student.

In other words, what might be easier to learn online for one person could prove to be more difficult for another.

Andrew K. Miller, an online teacher with the Buck Institute for Education, says an online education might be more suitable for self-starters or self-disciplined types who can work better on their own.

“Online education is not easier,” says Miller. “It’s a more independent way of learning.”

But the flexibility factor might help ease the learning process of an online education, according to Miller.

“We all learn differently,” he says. “It might take a different amount of time going through the material for different people. The good thing is that if you need more time, you can take more time, but the onus is on you.”

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