Have you ever wondered, like I have, why so many children hate doing math homework?

Why so many children are spacing out in class? Why so many students are wondering when recess is approaching? And then it dawns on me.

No wonder kids hate doing math homework and school work.  Homework isn’t entertaining because it sits on a page of a book or a worksheet waiting for you to figure it out.  And if you happen to figure it out incorrectly, your math homework doesn’t say anything!  

It’s like that friend who lets you go through the entire day with spinach in your teeth.  

Your math homework waits for your mom or dad to point out your mistakes, or worse for the kid who sits next to you in class who LOVES grading other kids math homework and even more so loves telling classmates how stupid they are when they get something wrong. 

Perhaps I’m digressing a bit, forgive me but I really didn’t like math homework when I was a kid. 

The point is, maybe math homework doesn’t have to be grueling for both you and your kids.  

Maybe math homework can be, dare I say, FUN! 

With over ten-years of experience as a speech language pathologist in New York City public schools and tutor for children after school, I was troubled by a trend in the student population. 

A large number of them were struggling to grasp core math principals and would do anything to avoid doing math homework. 

Despite my own hard earned academic success, I could definitely relate.  Math was not my friend either. Even as an adult the mere thought of tutoring children in the subject made me want to run for the door. 

In addition, with entertainment systems like the Wii, Xbox and DS I found it quite difficult to capture children’s attention through the traditional textbook approach to math homework.

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Enter Barrett, my worldly, adorable boyfriend, a successful investment banker with a passion for numbers. Not only was I attracted to his dashing good looks, I marveled over the ease at which he could calculate a dinner tip.  

But soon this became frustrating to me.  A high honors college grad with multiple degrees should be able to quickly figure out a tip without a calculator. Fed up, I demanded to know the magic behind the man. 

In mere seconds, Barrett taught me some simple tricks that changed the way I saw math.  Years of anxiety melted away and I quickly wondered to myself – if I could change my entire perception of math in one evening, couldn’t others? 

Invigorated by this thought, I began researching the tricks Barrett taught me. 

I found that these methods were created in ancient Asia thousands of years ago.  Wanting to know more, I looked at math test scores from around the world and discovered that the most successful students share one thing in common.  They think in numbers.

I brought my findings to the students I tutored after school and began teaching them how to think in numbers.  The results were startling.  But I couldn’t stop there.  

I wanted to share these new teaching techniques with everyone and so Trickomatics was born, an interactive technology-based solution for teaching children how to think in numbers.

This Interactive and Animated platform introduces “Edutainment”- education through entertainment with Hollywood characters and Silicon Valley gaming which are competitive with the current entertainment systems.

With Trickomatics children can now learn math through playing video games and actually feel comfortable with their math homework. 

As for Barrett, my boyfriend who taught me a few simple math tricks-we are married now.  We have a beautiful son and are living happily ever after in New York, running an exciting new company dedicated to a better way of teaching and learning.

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Rebecca EhrlichRebecca Ehrlich is a Co-Founder of Trickstar Innovations, LLC.

She possesses an advanced certificate as a NYS licensed School Administrator/Supervisor, as well as a master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology and a certificate in literacy education from the Orton Gillingham Institute.

Ms. Ehrlich has over ten years of experience working in the NYC public school system as well as experience working with children ages 1-16 in the areas of mathematics, literacy, language development and special education.

Ms. Ehrlich has served on advisory boards within the public school system as well as conducted research and advisory work for the Board of Jewish Education within the private school sector.

Her passion includes teaching children to become creative and successful learners and she has dedicated herself to increasing her students’ confidence and ensuring their long-term academic success.

Please visit Trickomatics for more information on how to have fun with math homework.

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