In a recent interview Peter Sacco discussed how you can overcome addiction and transform your life. 

He was asked, ‘Why do so many people fight addictions, engage in bad habits, and seem so miserable?’  His response pinpoints why people often become dependent on a ‘fix.’

He said, “Most people today are having what I call near-life experiences–they endure life, withstand it, tolerate it and become indifferent.

The problem is too many people stopped enjoying and engaging life way too young, when they were told their dreams are ridiculous, impossible and that they should grow up.”

Until you awaken the little kid in you again, you are not having a real-life experience!

overcome addiction and transform your lifeIn Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance, author Dr. Peter Sacco breaks new ground, combining psychology with spirituality by using cognitive behavioral therapy techniques together with the eight Beatitudes from the Holy Bible, to help you overcome addiction and transform your life.

By applying the principles and tools outlined in Sacco’s book, you will be on the road to overcome addiction and transform your life.  

Dealing with bad habits and/or changing negative thinking patterns is important for you to overcome addiction and transform your life.

Sacco teaches individuals held captive by an addictive personality how to find the self they have been seeking and how to overcome addiction and transform your life

No one need ever be a slave to cigarettes, expensive drugs, or a painful drinking habit – Sweet Acceptance Versus Bitter Resistance is the pathway to a better life – without dependency!

Dr. Sacco’s latest book is highly rated and accepted by individuals, regardless of whether they are going through 12-step programs or one-on-one counseling, as well as those with no addictions support.

You can overcome addiction and transform your life by combining his practical and theoretical knowledge with his revolutionary 3-tier approach of psychology, spiritualism and law of attraction.

Dr. Sacco provides you with the necessary tools you will need to overcome addiction and transform your life.

NY Times bestselling author, Robert A. Schuller, had this to say about Peter Sacco’s latest book:

“For Years, Peter has been using his cognitive training skills and blending them with the ‘Beatitudes.’ The results of blending science with the words of Jesus have truly had amazing results. No surprise. What is a gift to humanity is that today he is sharing his secrets with you in this insightful book.”

Peter SaccoPeter Sacco is the author of many international, popular selling books, as well as a psychology professor, and former private practitioner/Hypnotherapist. 

He is the former Editor-in-Chief of Vices: The Magazine for Addictions, Habits and Well-Being, and author of more than 400 magazine articles. 

As a sought-after speaker, he lectures at universities in the USA and Canada, specializing in relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, sports psychology, and mental health. 

This award-winning author has been a regular resident expert on several television programs as well as hosting the show Mental Health Matters for over two years.

Please visit to learn more about this inspiring figure.

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