We all do it, we know we need to get off the couch but can’t muster the motivation to move much less create a life of well-being.

Well, Shea Vaughn just made it easy for us. A mind-body expert, master trainer and presenter, author and wellness coach (who happens to be Vince Vaughn’s mother), Shea is a recognized spokesperson for helping others create a life of well-being

Shea introduces us to SheaNetics®, her doctor-endorsed, revolutionary wellness and exercise lifestyle practice that blends Eastern and Western values and movements for a powerful mind-body experience to help you create a life of well-being.

SheaNetics® reshapes and enhances the overall quality of your life and gives you the mental strength and physical ability to create a life of well-being and make positive lifestyle changes.

As the founder and CEO, Shea’s goal is to make sure anyone who wants to create a life of well-being has the mental and physical tools necessary to help them live the life they deserve.

It is a first-of-its-kind combination of both physical and philosophical concepts working together to power your pathway to create a life of well-being.

The exercises are an energizing blend of effective, proven-to-work formats and include the special performance-enhancing qualities of Tri-Core Power Training – an exclusive with SheaNetics®.

The 5 Living Principles of Well-Being are at the heart of SheaNetics® – Commitment, Perseverance, Self-Control, Integrity and Love.

Together, these principles unite the mind and body toward a common goal to create a life of well-being by living life on your terms and living it well.

Shea’s mantra is “Embrace It, Own It, Live It,” and she describes it perfectly when she says, “SheaNetics® is like a best friend. Your journey to create a life of well-being begins as you Embrace It with the same spirit of commitment you would give anything you hold dear.

Own It means accepting responsibility, persevering through the hard times and asking yourself: “Am I giving it my best?”  Live It by being in the moment, making better choices, setting better examples and enjoying the benefits of your efforts.” You can create a life of well-being.

create a life of well-being

Shea recently released “Breakthrough,” an inspirational guidebook to finding total well-being. She also offers “The 30-Day Breakthrough Program,” her answer to losing weight and keeping it off.

Her collection of SheaNetics® workout DVD/CD’s can be purchased at her website, as well as distinctive jewelry that she has added to her line of products.

Shea is presently positioning to add SheaNetics® group exercise in fitness clubs nationwide, along with plans later this year to introduce her innovative all-body-building, core-busting exercise machine to the fitness and medical industries.

Shea Vaughn is a national mind-body expert, corporate wellness speaker, noted fitness professional, gifted choreographer and media personality whose charm makes her instantly likable in person and on camera.

She has appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the Marilyn Denis Show, and is a regularly featured health and fitness expert on Chicago’s Windy City LIVE and The Best Ever You Network, and a frequent wellness commentator for other TV, radio and print media.

SheaNetics® is an exciting mind and body experience that is a pathway to lifelong well-being. For more information on how you can create a life of well-being please visit: www.SheaNetics.com.

Shea VaughnSHEA VAUGHN is a certified personal trainer whose clients include professional athletes and prominent executives.

Trained in ballet, Tai-Chi, martial arts, ZUMBA, yoga, pilates and more, Vaughn is well-versed in Eastern practices, including meditation for growth and stress reduction.

Her DVD workouts have been featured on QVC and she has appeared on national and local television, radio, and in print media. She is also a featured expert on “The Best Ever You Network”, lives in Chicago, and lectures nationally.

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