Education company’s second initiative takes a stand against bullying and other tough-to-teach topics.

Learn360Awareness, an initiative from Learn360 designed to build awareness of specific topics and link supporting educational content to those topics, will focus on increased awareness of bullying

The ongoing program, implemented in November 2011, highlights relevant topics throughout each school year with unique URLs and specialized resources for the classroom. 

Bullying, which includes verbal, physical, indirect or cyber actions, affects a child every seven minutes.

Whether it be caused by hitting, name calling, isolation or the spread of rumors, victims of bullying are often left with a distorted self image, lack of self esteem, health problems and even depression into adulthood. 

“Of the one in four teens who report being bullied, 58 percent of those victims have not told an adult that it happened, especially if the incident took place online,” said Chris Sanborn, president of Learn360. 

“Our goal with Learn360Awareness and its focus on bullying is to draw attention to the issue, while also giving teachers and students an outlet for addressing it. It’s important to focus on these topics early and often to avoid long-term effects for victims of such abuse.” 

The program provides the opportunity to find related resources and additional facts on each highlighted issue from top producers and partners. Key contributors to its current topic of choice, include Mazzarella Media, Sunburst Visual Media, The Fat Boy Chronicles, and eProfessional Development Library.

 “Far too many cyber bullies believe they are anonymous when using the Internet, and that is unfortunate,” said Richard Guerry, founder and executive director of Institute for Responsible Online and Cell-Phone Communication (

“We’re privileged to be sharing our expert insight on digital consciousness in partnership with the Learn360Awareness initiative. Our hope is that these resources and this information will help the bullies learn the consequences and teach the victims how to approach the situation.” 

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