Making your own screen printed T-shirts is a fun project for the family.

You can create any design you dream of and put it onto a shirt. It may seem like it would be a difficult thing to do, but in fact anyone can make screen printed T-shirts without much difficulty.

Follow this guide to start making your own screen printed T-shirts in no time.

Materials Needed

Screen printing ink



Paper large enough for your design

Craft knife

Masking tape

Cotton T-shirt

Steps to Make Screen Printed T-Shirts

1. You first need to come up with the design that you want to put on you T-shirt. For your first shirts you should stick with simple designs. Once you get the hang of it, you can then move on to more complex designs. Draw the design onto the piece of paper. Once you have drawn the design, use the craft knife to carefully cut it out of the paper.

2. Lay your stencil down on top of the screen. Flip the screen over and use the masking tape around the edges of where the stencil is on the screen. Just to be clear, you are taping the opposite side of the screen. You are not taping the stencil to the screen. You are just taping off the edges of where the stencil will be. This will keep ink from the screen printing process from staining the shirt outside the design you have created.

3. Flip the screen back over. Place the T-shirt down on a flat surface. Make sure the shirt is smoothed down and completely flat, and then place the cut out paper stencil of your design on top of the shirt. Now gently lay the screen on top of the t-shirt and stencil. Be very careful not to move the design around when you lay the screen down.

4. Gently blob a tablespoon or so of ink on the top of the screen. Press the screen down securely onto the stencil and the shirt. Now take the squeegee and gently draw the ink down the length of the screen. Then turn the squeegee ninety degrees and draw the ink across the width of the screen. Once the ink has been spread evenly around the screen, then set the squeegee off to the side. Be careful not to drip any ink when doing so.

5. Hold the T-shirt down and remove the screen. The stencil should stick to the screen. Move the finished shirt to the side and allow it to dry. Now repeat the process for as many shirts as you want to create with this design.

6. Once you have made as any shirts as you want, remove the stencil from the screen. Using cold water, be sure to wash the screen out right away. If you allow the ink to dry onto the screen, it will be very difficult to impossible to get it out.

As you can see, making screen printed T-shirts is really not that complicated of a process.

By far the most time consuming part of the process is creating the stencil. Once you have the design stenciled, it only takes a minute to make a shirt with this process.

If you are planning on making many shirts with the same design, then cut out several stencils at once by placing several pieces of paper on top of each other.

Let your mind go wild, and get as creative as you want with your designs.

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