A math disability is as common as a reading disability.

Research has found that a dyscalculia, a math disability focused around number and math concepts, is as common as dyslexia. 

Do the words calculus and trigonometry strike fear in your heart?

What about the numbers five and seven?

Well, for five to seven percent of the population in the U.S., even basic math causes anxiety.

According to research in the Journal Science, dyscalculia or math disability is as common as dyslexia.

Often, kids and adults with dyscalculia have to count individual items rather than being able to visually process items in small groups.

For example, they may only be able to tell that a playing card is the number 8 by counting the number of spades on that card. Paying with cash is a nightmare.

The good news is that, with brain training, a math disability or challenges with numbers can be overcome. 

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