Many people are overwhelmed and wondering if they will be able to overcome life’s challenges.

Has a crisis sent you into a tailspin? You have the power within you to overcome life’s challenges one thought at a time and face forward.

No more self-sabotage. No more feeling lost in your own life. These are the inspiring words of a young woman who truly ‘walked the talk’ in her life and death battle with head and neck cancer that left her disfigured.

overcome life's challengesWhen Michele Howe Clarke received the shattering news of advanced cancer, it hit her mid-stride in a neat and tidy materialistic life.

When all was taken away, she turned inward to discover that she was the source of all things and with her purpose rediscovered, she wrote Face Forward: Meeting Challenges Head on in Times of Trouble (Morgan James Publishing).

Face Forward is the story of a life abruptly changed, and of its journey to hell and its flipside. Clarke is a woman greatly enhanced by a piercing life experience and for her there is no going back.

She wears the scar of this battle on her face and is reminded every time she looks in the mirror.

In her compelling story, Clarke is an inspiring example that in the face of adversity we can overcome life’s challenges and still enjoy a rich and fulfilling life.

‘Cancer Thriver’ is how Michele Howe Clarke sees herself and she graciously shares her extraordinary journey to overcome life’s challenges from the time of her devastating diagnosis shortly after becoming a first-time mother, through her transformational recovery.

Self-pity was short-lived for this brave young woman. Not to say she didn’t feel these emotions and more, but the road to self-pity was not a choice that inspired her.

In Face Forward, Clarke provides readers with the tools to take back control, focus their power, overcome life’s challenges head on in times of trouble, and celebrate every day in order to get the life they always wanted.

overcome life's challengesMichele Howe Clarke is a bestselling author with a vast amount of experience in investment banking; she is a seasoned real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, experienced speaker, a columnist for, and dedicated writer and poet. She earned a BA in psychology from Boston University and an MBA from Howard University.

Through tragedy, Michele Clarke found transformation. She is the epitome of inspiration in her encouragement to others to ‘Set your vibration to thrive and tune into your best life ever!’ 

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