Project “Portion Size Me” was inspired by ten-year-old Marshall, who was tired of being picked on, unhappy with his appearance and feeling down on himself. 

Weary of trying to follow strict diets,  Marshall, with the help of his mom Alexandra Reid, decided to pay close attention to how they ate for an entire month by  looking at portions, reading labels and learning about ingredients. And in the process, this project became a lifestyle for their entire family. 

Through an assortment of tips and personal anecdotes, Portion Size Me brings children and their families together to make conscious decisions about what they put into their bodies.

Portion Size MeAlex and Marshall developed a fun-filled project with six achievable goals to help create positive, long-lasting, healthy behaviors, including:

  • Eat as many real foods as possible
  • Read ingredients
  • Pause before you eat
  • Get moving
  • Help out in the kitchen
  • Watch portion sizes 

Portion size me includes easy-to-follow, adaptable recipes and kid-friendly tips.

Your child will be eager to take charge in the kitchen, and in life as well.

Alexandra Reid, former advertising executive at Young & Rubicam, is the mother of Marshall and his sister Jordan. The family, along with their dad, Dan, lives in North Carolina. 

Portion Size MeMarshall Reid, now a sixth-grader, excels in his communication skills. His hobbies include cooking, Tae Kwon Do, playing football, canoeing, and most importantly, playing games on his Playstation.

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