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You are in touch with your inner spirit every day, but you may not make the mental connection.

Sort through all the thoughts you had over the past twenty-four hours. Were there some that you wondered, “Where did that one come from?” There’s your answer.

Your inner spirit voiced itself into your thought processing.  

inner spiritJust as you breathe on a regular basis without giving it any thought, so too do you process information your inner spirit provides.

Let’s say you want to deliberately tap into your inner spirit. How can that be accomplished?

Begin by positioning yourself in a quiet location that is free from all noises. Turn off telephone, cell phone, grandfather clock, ipod, computer and anything else that could make a disruptive noise. Sit or lay in a comfortable position, preferably with arms and legs outstretched. Take a couple slow and deep breaths, exhaling very slowly and completely.

Simply listen to your breathing and let your mind rest peacefully.

When a thought enters your mind, push it away.

When completely at rest, ask your inner spirit a question. Then patiently wait for the response.

You may discover that nothing happens the first time you attempt this exercise.

And perhaps not for the first few times. It does take practice.

However, your answer will still come as you go about your day. Be aware of … CONTINUE READING


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