Setting Weight Loss Goals

Is your waist line bigger than you would like it to be? Do the words “bigger and better with age” describe you? Weight loss is something that is on most people’s minds, especially when making New Year’s resolutions.

Have you already given up on your weight loss goal? Don’t wait for the next New Year to try again. Start now with these cures for goal-busting problems.

Weight Loss Problem #1: Setting Expectations too High

You see TV advertisements for weight loss products, exercise machines, and miracle products that guarantee they will help you shed your extra pounds in no time flat. In reality, nothing short of cutting off a leg will help you lose weight as fast as some of those products promise. As always, healthy weight loss comes slow and steady.

weight lossWhile you may see great weight loss results at times (especially at the beginning or if you are severely overweight), chances are that there will be times you will not see much difference in your waistline at all.

Experts suggest that weight loss at a slow steady pace is the healthiest thing to do.

A loss of two to three pounds a week can be attainable and healthy. Too much more than this on a regular basis, may be unhealthy for some people.

Weight Loss Problem #2: Taking Ineffective Supplements

Every diet pill is not created equally even though they all claim to be effective. Some diet pills are basically placebos. Some are dangerous. Others have no scientific research backing up their product’s ingredients. There are also diet pills that may actually help you lose weight. Set on taking a supplement?

It is difficult to separate the best diet pills on the market, but not impossible. With online research and even a talk with your doctor, you should be able to find the best product to fit your individual needs.

Weight Loss Problem #3: Making Huge Lifestyle Changes

While change is good, too big of a change may just frustrate you. Try to set goals that include small steps. By making one or two small changes at a time you won’t feel as overwhelmed.

Don’t be discouraged that it may not be till the end of the year that you are finally easing into your ideal lifestyle, but all that means is that you didn’t give up. You are still working on your goal. Good for you!

The Fix: Set SMART Goals

When setting goals, try to think SMART. SMART is an acronym to help you make goals you can attain.

• S – Specific. Setting vague goals make it hard to realize when you’ve met your goal.

• M – Measurable. Set criteria for your goal in order to be sure you don’t short change yourself.

• A – Attainable. Shoot for the stars, but make sure those stars are within reach.

• R – Realistic. By setting unrealistic goals, you only set yourself up for failure.

• T – Timely. Give yourself a deadline to be sure you don’t slack off. Goal setting is important.

Setting goals helps us change and become better people. Take your time to think about each goal you set and you will see that goals have the ability to change your life if they are taken seriously.

weight lossAlexandra Sandvik, a nutrition junkie who loves staying up to date on the latest diet, super food, supplement and workout. And with a BA in English from Brigham Young University, I can’t help but want to write about my passions.