Andy Feld understands that: “people today are very worried about the economic crisis – and they should be.

They know the society we have grown to love is tipping over and we stand to lose everything.

They want real solutions – new ones, not the lip service that brings the same results that we already know won’t work.”

In We’re Tipping Over: The Urgency to re-think government, business, heart and soul (iUniverse), Feld explains the New Normal – the great wake-up call of the economic crisis!

“We cannot rationalize that this is just another down economic cycle – it’s today’s New Normal and if we refuse to take definitive action there will be no middle class left and an unrealistic burden for our children to bear.

It took more than 40 years to get into this economic crisis—and it could take that long to correct it.

We live in a global economy and we need to adjust to the worldwide competition.” He emphasizes, “We have no choice but to compete internationally for jobs, even offering incentives to corporations (as foreign countries do), to keep their business and jobs in the U.S.

Yes, this will result in lower paying service/manufacturing jobs and reduced benefits, but get used to it – this will be the New Normal!”

Feld points out: “Sadly, we have become materialistic, selfish, fat and lazy and it’s easier to want the other guy to sacrifice for us.

economic crisisYes, it will be an adjustment but it’s better than the alternative – a society that is bankrupt, corrupt, lacks a vibrant middle class, and is spiritually empty and unhappy.

The writing is on the wall – it’s already happening! Are we really willing to risk that?” Adding, “We were part of the problem and now we need to be part of the solution.”

“In past economic crisis we didn’t have a huge budget deficit, banks were lending money, service and manufacturing industries began to grow locally, and our educated population and entrepreneurial spirit took over – but not this time.

Why are our leaders not bringing solutions?” asks Feld.

He believes the reason is simple: “The truth is un-electable! Our elected officials (who have become professional politicians) do not see the populace going for personal sacrifice, so in order to keep their lucrative jobs they’ll do whatever it takes to get re-elected.

Since our founding fathers could not have contemplated this, it’s time to make changes in congressional salaries, term limits, and campaign and lobbying reform.” 

In We’re Tipping Over, Feld offers a chance to change, survive and prosper. As individuals, we might be limited in our ability to change government and big business, but there is nothing to stop us creating our own personal happiness.

It’s a beginning. We need to accept that our happiness, comfort and excitement will no longer come from outside things but from within us.

Andy Feld began his ongoing study of happiness and success many years ago. He was a businessman and a top executive who changed the direction of his life after an expedition to Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa inspired him to begin writing.

He is now a successful author and expert speaker on today’s societal and business challenges, a frequent guest on nationwide radio, and a regular on local Denver TV where he resides.