Allergy season lengthens but relief is as close as your nose.

noseWith the rise in global temperatures, spring and its allergens are coming on stronger and earlier than ever.

Dr. Hana R. Solomon is on a mission to show medical physicians, naturopathic doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists and consumers how to significantly reduce the impact of allergy season without medications or complicated procedures.

The key, she says, is keeping our personal filter clean. Her book, Clearing the Air One Nose at a Time, Caring For Your Personal Filter, is an owner’s manual for the nose, advocating daily nasal washing as a natural means of preventing many health problems.

It can help anyone with allergies or nasal issues, including athletes, singers and parents, whose children sniff, sneeze and drip through the allergy season.

Dr. Hana suggests: “…Let’s talk about your nose. Let’s talk about your kids’ noses and your parents’ noses and your friends’ noses…In fact, let’s talk about everyone’s nose, because I know noses and what I know can help you survive allergy season.

Why do I care so much about the nose? Why should you care?

The nose has the power to change your entire consciousness and mood in a single second.

The nose is our gatekeeper, our personal filter and our great defender during allergy season!”

Hana R. Solomon, M.D.Hana R. Solomon, M.D., aka ‘Dr Hana’ is a board certified pediatrician and serves as the president of BeWell Health, LLC. 

She graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Medicine in 1986 and completed the University’s pediatric residency program in 1989.

For 20 years, Dr. Hana practiced pediatrics at the Solomon Family Medical Clinic in Columbia, Missouri.

Devoted to her community as much as her practice, Dr. Hana has served as a sexual assault forensic examination physician; served on the Rainbow House board of directors, a community home for abused and neglected children; volunteered as a camp physician; and served as a board member and president of Congregation Beth Shalom.

Dr. Hana started BeWell Health in January 2001. The company’s flagship product, Dr. Hana’s Nasopure® Nasal Wash Systems has helped tens of thousands to maintain nasal and sinus health, naturally.

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