Rudy Mazzocchi is no stranger to the world of high finances particularly, in the area of lucrative medical technology breakthroughs. He has authored over 50 patents on incredible medical devices that have saved and improved the lives of thousands of people, and made millions of dollars.  

Now he’s taken his in depth knowledge of the industry and created a new medical thriller that delves right into the heart of the galvanizing issues and dangers on the forefront of modern medicine. 

Based on true events, his new book, Equity of Evil, draws upon his real life work experiences in a human genetics laboratory as a pre-med student, where he was forbidden to discuss and share what went on behind the closed doors. 

Equity of Evil Equity of Evil is a suspense-filled and cutting-edge medical techno-thriller that focuses on the growth, cultivation and trafficking of human fetuses for the multiple cells and organs that provide hope, improved, health and even prolonged life to hundreds of thousands of people.  

At a time when the very definition of life and death is being challenged by doctors and medical researchers, this globe-trotting thriller bares all and reveals the dark, often times brutal, real-life decisions that are being made in a hidden world that many want to deny exists. 

“I wanted to tell this story so that people can understand that they might need to examine their own views on capitalism, ethics, and the morality of the decisions before us today and those approaching us in the near future,” Mazzocchi said.

“Decisions to preserve the miraculous elements of conception that are unwanted (and then normally discarded) and cultivating them into profitable medicines, human organs, genetic cultures and sources for lucrative medical breakthroughs are being made every day in hospitals and laboratories all around the world. There’s very limited policing or regulating of these activities at all.” 

Equity of Evil is a scary tale that explores what could happen if business decides that there’s big money to be made in abortion.

Equity of Evil describes the things that are taking place in the world of human organ trafficking right now all over the world and how the people struggle with their involvement, either having been manipulated or openly recruited to support these activities, forcing each of them to make decisions that were never really within their control.

It touches on the reality of capitalism, entrepreneurism, human greed, human trafficking, assassination, the black market for human organs, and yes, even the love people have for one another. 

Get ready to be rocked and shocked into your senses with Equity of Evil.  

This thought provoking book does not take sides on the abortion issue, but it is graphic, clinically accurate, and Mazzocchi pulls no punches when he describes how evil people are willing and able to manipulate others for personal gain.

Rudy MazzocchiRudy Mazzocchi is a medical device and biotechnology scientist, inventor, and angel investor, whose history of starting successful new technology ventures throughout the U.S. and Europe has made him one of the most highly regarded entrepreneurs of our time.  

Author of more than 50 patents, he has helped pioneer new companies involved in cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, neurosurgery and even embryonic stem-cell development.

Through these efforts, he has become the recipient of many technology and business awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Healthcare and the Businessman of the Year Award. This is his first novel.