Skyfire has just unveiled a new feature for their new iPad app HotSwap.

With the economy the way it is, families want to make the most of what they have and not spend money needlessly.

These days, every family member wants their very own iPad, with their favorite settings, bookmarks and apps ready to go. It becomes quite easy to justify shelling out for that second iPad.

Skyfire, the popular app with over 13M users and ranked as the #1 iPad utility app by Apple in 2011, aims to bridge those needs for families with their new iPad app HotSwap.

The new iPad app HotSwap allows up to four users to create a profile on a single iPad, set and save their browsing preferences, bookmarks, as well as email and social media logins.

Son wants to use the iPad after dad? Just switch profiles and all of his saved settings will appear within the app. It’s the easiest way to share a single iPad between friends and family.

Finally, your family iPad can be personal again with the new iPad app HotSwap.

new iPad app HotSwap

Passing one iPad around an entire family can be frustrating, as everyone likely logs in to check their email and social networks without logging back out, and many folks will leave tabs open or clutter up the browser history with sites you could care less about.

Rather than constantly log in and out and start to secretly resent those you love why not download the new iPad app HotSwap instead?

The new service, which integrates directly into the Skyfire browser, allows users to set up to four separate profiles on an iPad, each with its own social and email settings and browser preferences.

Not only is the new iPad app HotSwap more convenient, it’s also a boon to user privacy, as now brothers and sisters don’t have to worry about the other spying on their email.

Of course, by the same token parents may find it harder to keep tabs on their kids, but parents always find a way.

The new iPad app HotSwap has been integrated into the latest update of Skyfire which is available right now.

All you have to do is download (or update) the app and you’ll be ready to put those family fights about the iPad behind you!

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