In response to years of national outrage over bullying, student suicides, Obama’s White House conferences, and a new documentary called “Bully”, one non-profit took positive action to help combat the problem by releasing new Teach Anti Bullying software at 

So bullies beware! 

The new bullying software consists of ten plus chapters on bullying ranging from defining what bullying is, explaining cyber-bullying and how to resolve bullying when it is taking place, including the use of cell phones to report bullying incidents.  

The Teach Anti Bullying software is an interactive, important way for children, parents, teachers and administrators to use the latest in digital technology to help prevent and resolve the ongoing bullying crisis.   

bullying software

Billy the Bull from Teach Antibullying, Inc…Promotes Anti-Bullying for Students’s mascot, Billy the Bull, gives children the opportunity to share their feelings and thoughts about bullying and they will receive a response email within 48 hours from a staff member.

The Teach Anti Bullying software helps kids get the word out and resolve the social pressures they feel amidst their peers.

Educators, students and parents hail the new Teach Anti Bullying software program as a breakthrough in its approach for several reasons including the help it offers for kids with special needs. 

“The Teach Anti Bullying software is a great asset for all children including those on the autism spectrum,” said Becca Devine, a Special Education Advocate fromPhiladelphia,PA.

“The new Teach Anti Bullying software helps us explain what bullying is to the children by using colorful photos and mock situations, because children who don’t know how to interact or lack social skills often have a hard time grasping when they are being bullied,” continued Devine.

What’s more, all children using the Teach Anti Bullying software have the opportunity to leave a message or their concerns in what is known as “Safe Place” created in the program. 

TAB 1.0 – Teach Anti Bullying software is the brainchild of Dr. Claudio Cerullo, Founder and Executive Director of the non-profit Teach Anti Bullying, (

“Our Teach Anti Bullying software helps teachers and guidance counselors better explain the causes and effects of bullying in a curriculum where constraints often limit the time teachers can devote to this type learning approach in their regular classrooms,” noted Cerullo. 

Dr. Cerullo is all too familiar with bullying and its consequences, as a former school administrator who served in the elementary through high school grade levels.

“Even though we give it our all, there is not enough time in the day or week for that matter to address bullying with students and still have teachers continue teaching what is required,” remarked Cerullo. includes a certification upon completion of the bullying software lessons and schools, plus their students, have the chance to be involved in a tournament upon certification to raise awareness about bullying, thus increasing collaboration among schools and students.

According to the CDC in 2010, more than 50% of teens (ages 12-17) witness at least one bullying incident in school each week, and students in grades 7-12 say revenge is the strongest motivation for school shootings (Cerio, 2010).    

Teach Anti Bullying software – TAB 1.0 was funded by Teach and Vel Micro Works. 

Dr. Claudio Cerullo is available for media interviews and you may email him at or contact Daniela Redpath at 484-431-9711. You may also email

Teach Anti Bullying Inc. is a non profit 501 (c) 3 and its mission is to raise awareness and support families and children who are being impacted by bully related issues in their school or community. 

Their vision is to encourage the collaboration of all stakeholders (children, educators, parents, community leaders, law enforcement, and local, state and federal legislators) in the proactive intervention against and prevention of bullying.

For more information and a look at the TAB 1.0 – Teach Anti Bullying software, visit


bullying softwareClaudio V. Cerullo, Ph.D. is the founder of and the creator of the new bullying software TAB 1.0 – Teach Anti-Bullying.

His educational leadership training in Diversity/Multi-Cultural Education is throughHarvardUniversity’s Graduate School of Education. 

Dr. Cerullo’s focuses his efforts on addressing solutions to bullying across the country.

He is the author of six children’s books, two of which are on bullying, two educational videos on bullying, and one computer software application on bullying to be used in the classroom. 

Dr. Cerullo resides in Delaware County, Pennsylvania and conducts Anti-Bullying workshops, presentations, and conferences to students, parents, teachers, and school districts throughout the nation in an effort to raise awareness on this ever-growing national crisis, as well as training schools on how to use the new TAB Anti Bullying Software.

bullying software