Do you let your kids use smartphones?

Smartphones are incredibly advanced mobile phone types that feature many different useful functions like portable cameras, media players, video recorders, and even GPS units.

These devices also feature a lot of applications that allow users to accomplish different tasks like sending and receiving emails, engage in conference or video calls, and play various video or online games. With highly technological benefits like these, it is not surprising that even kids are drawn to the use of smartphones.

However, excessive use or addiction to smartphones can have detrimental effects on children and their overall health and well-being.

What are the different dangers smartphones pose on your kids’ growth? 

Effects Of Smartphones On Kids 

Lots of parents let their kids carry and use smartphones even in their young, formative years. The convenience and accessibility offered by these modern devices are indeed advantageous for most people.

But on its flip side, parents need to be aware of the negative effects that smartphones can bring to their kids in the long run.

Here are some smartphones bad effects you and all parents need to be aware of: 

  1. Smartphones detach kids from the true essence of social interaction.

Smartphone games and applications designed for kids can actually discourage them from interacting with other kids and people around them. Traditional playtime may eventually be a thing of the past with the presence of all these highly technological games.

  1. Smartphones can weaken children’s eye sight.

Excessive exposure to the use of smartphones at an early age can trigger poor eye sight for kids. Their eyes would constantly have to adjust to the phone screen which can also be a cause for headaches and even migraines at a very young age.

  1. Smartphones can affect brain development.

The use of smartphones exposes children to the practice of clicking or jumping from one option to another that trains them to gather small chunks of information. This habit may be harmful to kids’ overall brain development. They will be trained to switch from one topic to another quickly and it will be hard for them to focus and concentrate on just one big chunk of information when the situation calls for it.

  1. Smartphone can have detrimental effects on children’s body development.

Online and video games are terribly addicting so it is highly likely that kids will spend hours playing on smartphones if they get hooked on a particular game. Thus, they might be discouraged from getting up from their seat and going out to play with you or their friends. They can get overweight or develop other body ailments that may arise from inadequate physical activities. 

Do you now see how smartphones can adversely affect your kids’ health and social well-being?

You might want to think twice, thrice and even more times before you decide to hand them the latest smartphone.

Think about what these devices can do to your children. Think about long-term rather than short-term effects. Hopefully, you will make the right choice.   


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