The library isn’t the only great place to study on a college campus.

Questia, the premier online research tool for students, suggests five other areas that provide the same quiet atmosphere that’s conducive to studying.

Top 5 Places to Study on a college campus:

  1. Outside: Ever heard that a little fresh air will do you some good? Taking work outside to study can be a great way to clear your head and focus on what’s in front of you. Just make sure you’re not in an area where you’ll run into everyone you know. 
  1. Writing/Tutoring Centers: Even if you aren’t meeting with someone for help, these learning centers will often let you park yourself to study and get some work done. And you never know, you may actually have a question or two, and how convenient would it be having tutors on hand. 
  1. Laundry Room: This may seem like a ridiculous location to study, but often times the laundry area isn’t jam packed. It’s quiet, but with a hint of white noise with the humming of washers and dryers keeping the area from feeling too quiet. 
  1. Student Union: Find a cushy corner in the student union to snuggle up in with those textbooks and study. Student unions provide lounge areas with TVs and even art galleries to stroll through when you’re ready for a study break. 
  1. Larger Venues That Aren’t in Use: If it’s not game day or time for team practice, take a seat in an empty auditorium or gymnasium to study. The lights are almost always on, even if no one’s taking advantage of the space. The scent of school spirit may even inspire you to keep trucking on with your studies. 

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